After picking up some coffee, Shuis are now walking through the park. Luis has his arm around Sheridan as he asks her if she is feeling any better. Sheridan nods her head in the affirmative. He says good because he doesn’t want her to think anything as silly as a broken noodle and a fortune cookie could break them up. Sheridan is worried about Julian. After a brief discussion about Julian Shuis stop walking and turn to face each other. The conversation comes around to Al not wanting Luis with Sheridan. Luis tells her that her family is not going to separate them. He loves her. Sheridan says that she loves him, too, but she is still afraid. Love is so fragile and she has lost it so many times before. “You’re not going to lose my love,” Luis emphatically tells her. They kiss and confetti begins falling from the sky. They look up, laugh, and look all around before Luis asks, “What’s this?” Sheridan laughs in amazement and answers, “It must be magic.” They kiss again.

Sheridan and Luis are looking up at the falling confetti when they notice a bride and groom near them in the park. They surmise that a wedding is going on in the park. The photographer tells them that the wedding reception is at the Seascape but the bride and groom wanted to take pictures in the park. He asks Shuis to stay back. The bride says that she is sure they won’t get in the way. The groom says that they want everyone to share in their happiness as he hands Sheridan and Luis each a glass of champagne. Luis offers a toast to the happy couple. The four of them say, “To love” and Shuis keep their eyes on each other as they drink to that sentiment.

At the park, Sheridan watches the bride and groom. She asks if Luis has ever seen a couple so much in love. Luis looks at Sheridan and says that yes he has and he kisses her.

Sheridan wonders if she and Luis will ever have that, cutting the cake, taking pictures. ET and Chadney arrive at the park. Theresa thinks that running across a wedding is a sign that there will be another couple getting married with them. She looks over at Shuis, then Chadney and proclaims that she knows which couple it will be. A waiter walks around refilling their glasses. Theresa says it will be Shuis who will be getting married with them. As she watches Sheridan and Luis kissing, Theresa daydreams of a double wedding.

Sheridan and Luis watch as the groom removes the garter from the bride’s leg. Luis imagines that he and Sheridan are the bride and groom. Sheridan looks so beautiful as the bride! Sheridan says that she has always dreamed of having a big wedding with all the traditions. Luis asks if that includes the garter routine. She says absolutely! They kiss again.

Shuis pass the bride and groom again. Sheridan wonders aloud how they knew they were meant to be married. How does anyone know? Luis enfolds her in his arms from behind as he responds, “I think poets have been trying to figure that out for centuries.”

Holding hands, Shuis continue watching the bride and groom in fascination. Sheridan thinks to herself, “What is my future with Luis? Are we ever going to be bride and groom? Will we love each other for the rest of our lives in sickness and health, for better or worse? Am I going to lose the one man I really and truly love?” She leans over and snuggles close to Luis who asks if she is cold and suggests that they go home. Sheridan replies, “No, I am not cold. I just felt my love for you rush right through me. I love you.” Luis looks into her eyes and says, “I love you.” They kiss again.
Theresa is so excited that Shuis are so in love. They can have a double wedding, maybe even a triple wedding, as she looks toward Chadney.

Shuis snuggle together as they watch the fireworks that Hecuba has created. They are soon joined by ET and Chadney who have come up behind Shuis to also watch the display of fireworks.

To be continued……….