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Theresa says that she has what Shuis need and asks Ethan if he wants her to tell Sheridan that she has the card. Ethan takes the card from Theresa but says that he doesn’t think he should give the card to Sheridan. He doesn’t want her to get hurt or disowned like he was. Sheridan and Luis decide to leave. As they pass Ethan and Theresa, Sheridan spots the card and is amazed that Ethan still has the card. Ethan tells her that he just now got it back. He says that Theresa actually retrieved it for him as a memento. Sheridan hugs Theresa and tells Ethan that he is marrying one smart woman. Sheridan’s says that now she and Luis can go to the archives and find her mother’s diaries but they have to be careful not to let Julian or Alistair know about this. Julian walks up and demands to know what it is that he shouldn’t know about. Sheridan finally tells him that she was going to lend Ethan some money and she didn’t want him and Al to know about it because she knew that they would not like it. Julian says that she is right and she shouldn’t be hanging around with the locals. Sheridan tells Julian that he doesn’t have to worry about it because Ethan turned her offer down.

Julian walks off and Sheridan asks Ethan for the card. Ethan says that he won’t give it to her. She begs him but he doesn’t want her to be punished. He thinks that she doesn’t realize what she is risking by going to the archives when Al and Julian have forbidden her to go there. He doesn’t want her to lose her family. Sheridan says that she knows the risks and Luis is worth it. Besides, she wants to find out the truth not only for Luis but for herself, too. Luis says that Ethan is right and he doesn’t want her to risk losing her family or anything else. He will find another way to find information on his father. Finally, Sheridan convinces Ethan and Luis that she is determined to do this. Ethan gives her the security card but tells her that she shouldn’t use it. Sheridan is so excited that she hugs and thanks Ethan and she and Luis quickly head to Crane Industries to find the clues to Martin’s disappearance.

To be continued………..

This is what goes on behind the scenes at the photo shoots...McKenzie in hair and make-up, as well as Galen being touched up for the shoot. LOL!

Thanks to PassionsTalk for the Shuis photo shoot pictures.