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Thread: sam a witch

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    Re: sam a witch

    Im sorry Im a Liason fan and I really dont like the idea of Jasam getting back together , Sam had Jake kidnapped! I get that they are alot alike and she accepts him and his lifestyle but I want Liason back!
    Speaking of Liz I really hope they don't put her Nikolas together because they have such a wonderful friendship and I don't want it ruined

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    Re: sam a witch

    Wow a lot has happened since then. Liz played with her
    Nic for a long time and said he satisfied her more than Lucky, who she loved but was NOT in love with.
    Well now the tables are turned and Lucky does not
    want to be with Liz. She sure wants him now, doesn't
    she? ;-(
    Sam a witch? Not imo. She loves Jason and helps him in
    every possible way. They belong together.


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