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    Exclamation Arts & Dafts FAQ

    Hi everyone and welcome!

    For the general gist of what's going on here, please read the announcement at the top of the forum.
    • I'm not a pro, can I still join? The answer to this is a resounding YES! This is for everyone, and I mean everyone, to share, create and inspire. Nothing is off limits (except maybe pornography of course).
    • I do a lot of nude figure studies, can I share that here? YES! By all means. HOWEVER, this is a family site so please take the proper precautions if you feel your work is racy. Add a NSFW (not safe for work) in the title and hide the racy image in the spoiler tags you find above the entry box.
    • I can't do every project! Does this mean I can't play? No way! Please get involved in any project that inspires you and that you have the time for. This is meant to be relaxing and inspirational.
    • Can I share my blog, etsy, flickr, etc here? Yes! We love to see other people's creations and these all count. Remember, if you have a flickr account, join the coffeerooms - arts & dafts group and make me a contact!
    • Can I run a project? Yes! Please just make sure to run it by us in a quick note. That way we can help you maintain it and get people involved.
    • But I'm a scrapbooker (or sewer or beadworker, etc). Can I still join in the fun? YES! We're truly looking for inspiration from everywhere. Someone may view your scrapbook page and paint their next great painting because of something they saw on it, or vice versa. If I tend to leave you scrapbookers and what not behind, just smack me around. I really tend to lean more towards writing, photography, visual art and recyclable art. I'm not as well versed in other areas.
    • Can I post tips and techniques I've come up with or found around the Internets? Please do! The more the merrier in this case. I am always looking for more tricks to use in photoshop for example, or new ways to draw that next drawing.
    • What are all these posts with pictures from Oda? Those are most likely from my blog! My new years resolution this year was to draw something every day and the have the guts to share it, no matter how crappy I think it is. And rather than have comments on the blog, we thought it would be better to bring the discussion over here so the blog automatically feeds into the forums.
    Got any more questions? Please post them here! We will answer as soon as possible. Feeling more private? Feel free to drop me a line any time at or through the private messaging system here on the boards!
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    Re: Arts & Dafts FAQ

    Great topics! I hope it takes off to unmeasurable proportions!
    Ons is nie almal so nie.


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