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Thread: Why Valerie Plame was Outed

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    Question Why Valerie Plame was Outed

    I was listening to Randi Rhodes on Air America Radio the other day, when she was on a rant about the outing of Valerie Plame. Up until that time, it never made sense to me why Bush/Cheney wanted to out her. After all, the lie about yellow cake and Niger was already known. Joe Wilson's findings were confirmed by others including others at the CIA. So why did they out a productive covert nuclear proliferation expert?

    I think Randi hit the nail on the head. She suggested that this was a blatant warning to others at the CIA not to interfere with his (Bush's) war. The just-released CIA documents warning of the disaster that would befall a US invasion of Iraq were available then, but never made public. Why? Because anyone who released or attempted to declassify such documents would run the risk of having their careers ruined as well. Or, if they were covert agents like Plame, possibly killed by foreign agents. In other words, "Keep your mouths shut or other agents, or you yourself, run the risk of being outed."

    Like a mafia Don warning others, "Cooperate, or you'll end up 'sleeping with the fishes.'" Bush/Cheney - the Dons, Armitage, Libby, Rove - the hit men.

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    Post that's the way to post Sandy...I prefer people

    to post their own written takes that gives a good snyopsis rather than force people to read 5 pages of a posted article that many of us don't have the time to do.. I think that is what these rooms should be...interaction with those with different opinons rather than posting articles all the time...even though I've been known to do it on occassion...

    your take gets to the point and is fast and easy...thank you... didnt' think I was going to be all 100% cozy with you did ya?...'s the rebuttal... hope you don't mind it in question form as I do so many times...

    1. how do you know the yellow cake/Niger deal was a lie? British intel claimed it...why does one person's word on one trip over there trump an entire country's intel department?

    2. have your ever read wilson's article he submitted after his return?... can you honestly tell me that based on his very own words, he was not insinuating that Dick Cheney himself authorzied and ordered the trip? why was wilson lying about that?.... to make his story sound more uhh...let's say "believable" or to not be a political hack job?

    3. yellow cake is Niger's # 1 export... have you ever thought what the Iraqi officials were doing over there? were they maybe trying to import some rhino horns or something?... help old sadaam keep up a little better with his harem?

    4. do you expect the Niger officials to be cooperative and honest with the CIA regarding doing things outlawed by international law? or would you expect a more complete and honest story coming from those working covert?...I mean really..can you see Wilson on the phone with Niger.."hey guys, I want to come over and talk to you about some info that's floating around about yall selling Iraq some yellow cake, will next week be ok?"....."sure Joe..we'll have the red carpet rolled out and's been a long time..will be good to see you again"...

    5.. here's how the deal went down...and yes Scooter was stupid...BUT some reporter comes by to get a story...fine..that's politics... reporter: "hey scooter..seen this joe wilson story? sez he found no evidence of any yellow cake and he seems to imply dick cheney actually ordered him over there to go check it out".....scooter: "that lying no good SOB...hell his wife's a CIA agent for crying out loud..that "b word" has been after us a while...she's a lefty you know...Dick didn't order that mission....his damn wife set this damn thing up"

    then the story breaks and the judicial folks get involved and even though NO law was broken, stupid scooter either fails to remember about the meeting or he flat out lies WHEN HE DIDN'T EVEN NEED TO...NO LAW WAS EVER BROKEN UNTIL THE DUMMY LIED.....

    now you have the rest of the story...

    thank you

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    Re: Why Valerie Plame was Outed

    5) Valerie Plame didn't set the mission. It was at ther request of the vice pres. office, which is what Plame and Wilson have consistently said.

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    Re: Why Valerie Plame was Outed

    that goes against everything I've heard and don't believe it for one second...
    that's the first time I've ever heard anybody who believes that.. if Cheney ordered it, it woud have come out in his work logs.... no way..

    just don't believe it... I've even read where Wilson has even retracted it... I'd like to see your sources...but moveon's full of kook aid...

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    Re: Why Valerie Plame was Outed

    In his New York Times piece, Wilson wrote only that he had been "informed by officials at the Central Intelligence Agency that Vice President Dick Cheney's office had questions about a particular intelligence report.'' That was true.
    This is a false GOP talking point that Joe Wilson somehow claimed that Dick Cheney sent him on the Niger trip. He didn't. But he certainly was responsible for instigating the whole point of Wilson's trip- to find out more.


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