February 29th
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So I've done it. Successfully drawn something every day for two months. This doodle here is number 60! Yeah, I wish it was a little more than a doodle/practice page too but it's what I was feeling. The boy and I were watching Bill Maher and I was just spaced out listening to him most of the time.

However, every time I tried to concentrate on what I was drawing, there's an eyeball. So I learned something about myself here on the final day of February; whenever I snap into consciousness while doodling, I draw a freakin eyeball. So weird. And even weirder is that I know that I'm not alone. A friend of mine does the same exact thing. We discovered this recently when she noticed one of my doodle pages.

So, surely I've learned something else in the last two months. I mean, that is the whole point of this "exercise" isn't it? Well I have, the trick is putting it all into words.