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Thread: Ej,susan & Stephano

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    Lightbulb Ej,susan & Stephano

    I was wondering if EJ ever said how he was reunited with Stephano? Susan married some European guy and hid EJ from the DiMeras as far as I know so how did EJ end up back in Stephanos life?

    Also, has EJ mentioned his mother at all on the show?? Or did I miss something?

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    Re: Ej,susan & Stephano

    When he first came to town, Sami asked him about his parents. He said that he was raised in Europe and when asked about his father, he said, "I never had the pleasure of making the man's acquaintance."

    Now he supposedly was raised from a very early age by Stefano at Maison Blanche and claims to have "grown up there". It's never been mentioned how Stefano got him away from Susan and Edmund. I doubt that it ever will be.


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