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Thread: Days of Our Sami?

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    Quote Originally Posted by La Mariposa View Post
    It's not that they didn't have an effect on her it's just that SHE is the one who chooses her own actions.
    Of course, I agree, Sami makes her own decisions and is therefore ultimately responsible for them. And I think that she is slowly starting to get that. Which is one of the reasons I'm liking her more and more. I like character growth. But sometimes understanding the 'why' behind a person's choices makes a difference, to me, anyway. It doesn't make her blameless, in the same way that John and Marlena are not blameless for their actions. The Bradys (entire family) have a bad habit of blaming the Dimeras for their mistakes. So I guess Sami comes by it naturally.

    I know that everything that happened between John, Marlena, and Roman was because Stefano manipulated their lives but he didn't force Johna and Marlena to decide to keep their love a secret and have sex behind Roman's back. (I think that's how it went down - I didn't watch back then.) But it does make a bit of a difference to me that they didn't just randomly go out and make that selfish decision, it was prompted by someone else's choices. Just like Sami's decisions are prompted to some extent by the choices that other people made. Except that John and Marlena were adults and Sami was a child, so the repercusions of those choices were more far-reaching.

    I'm not trying to excuse her behavior; I'm a big advocate of personal responsibility. Especially because most people like to blame all their problems on other people. But I also don't think you can ignore the effects of how a child grows up on who they become as adults.

    Am I completely off the subject???

    Back on topic: I wish Sami wasn't the center of the Salem universe right now too. Shouldn't Marlena be the one involved in this? She is Stefano's Queen of the Night (or whatever that weirdo title was he gave her). Maybe if she were more involved in this, she'd have better things to do than making goo-goo eyes at John making me sick to my stomach the way she does now.
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    Marlena had a fabulous scene with Sami in the hospital. In the last few years she has been so distant from her kids it is nice to see being a mom for once. Yup I am also sick of the goo goo eyes with John and their vacu-suck kissing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SarahBeth View Post
    their vacu-suck kissing.
    LMAO! That's exactly what it is! So yuck!
    Courage is resistance to fear, master of fear - not absence of fear.
    ~Mark Twain

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    Post Why is this old post here? eom


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    The Santeen story was romantic, sad, and wonderful.

    Ejami has been equally wonderful to watch now that Lucas is finally in prison for one of the attempted murder crimes he has committed in the past and present!

    EJ has been a loving and devoted father to BOTH the twins, and, although Sami, is use to being emotionally battered and berated and denigrted by an abusive Lucas, she is finally started to see the difference between a man who loves you unconditionally like EJ and the toxic relationship between her and Lucas.

    Here's hoping that her lack of self-esteem doesn't allow her to fall back into old patterns now that Lucas has been released!!


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