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    Post Adrianna

    I must have missed an episode or two, because I don't get why she is so upset with Rex. Unless it reflects badly on her company, why should she care that Rex is suspicious of Tate?
    When she find out the truth about this guy, she will cry and feel ashamed that she trusted someone so unworthy.
    This remind me of when Bo tried to tell Nora there was something not right with Daniel and look at what happened with that.

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    Re: Adrianna

    I guess Rex had promised her that he was going to drop the research on Tate and quit contacting people from his past. So, when she got the call from the guy that Rex had just talked to yesterday, she lost it.

    And I agree, it will play out ugly and she will go crawling back to Rex with her tail between her legs and be "so sorry", just as she was after accusing him of being her stalker.

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    Re: Adrianna

    Rex needs to move on... find an easier girlfriend. Adrianna is just too much work .


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