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Thread: How are long-time Passions fans liking the show now?

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    Post How are long-time Passions fans liking the show now?

    I use to watch religiously when the show started. I was in high school when it started, so I would record each episode each day (I was so obsessed I actually saved the i have a box of like 50 VHS tapes) Anyway - I stopped watching a few years ago, because it got weird. Like, I went from watching daily to maybe once a week or every other week. Then when it made its move, I stopped completely, because I dont have Direct TV.

    Last week I went on a trip to LA, and the plane had Direct TV on it, so I was able to watch an episode....and OH MY GOD! What has happened to the show?!?!?! It horrible! Then I went to my friends the other day and was able to watch another episode and I was just wondering how fans that started watching in the beginning feel about the show now. Do you guys still watch?

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    Oh My~~What can I say? Like you, I really enjoyed "Passions" in the beginning...the 1st two years were fun, quirky, and romantic(I was a major Sheridan&Luis fan). The 'supernatural" aspects were fun and silly, I got a kick out of Tabby&Timmy's stunts. But then, the show took a 'turn" and became dark, depressing and perverted. When the show went to DirectTV, I did not bother to sign up for service because I felt the show had been ruined and was not worth watching anymore. So sad, because I was Such a Supporter of this show! I had gone to fan events, joined the Fan club, etc...I had never done anything like that before in my life. I really cant believe JER thought the fans were remotely interested in any of his perverted sick storylines and the fact that none of the storylines made any just became a ridiculous show. I was just left shaking my head over it all. I wish the actors&actresses the best when it goes off the air(I'm not surprised that DirectTV cancelled it also), the cast were such nice and fun people to meet, they appreciated the Fan support, but I dont think JER ever cared a whit for the Loyal Fans.

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    Re: How are long-time Passions fans liking the show now?

    I've stopped watching it basically. The few times I've seen it on DirectTV, it was usually not very good. Of course the show died a long time ago on NBC, when they separated Shuis! ITA with you Passionatic, I don't think JER ever cared anything about the Loyal Fans!

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    Re: How are long-time Passions fans liking the show now?

    They've killed off Chad. Whitney, TC, & Simone are in New Orleans.Jessica is supposedly with Charity in a convent somewhere with her baby: Samuel Herbert Lester. And now Sheridan's teaming up with Pretty to break up Luis and Fancy? Can we please go back to the first 5 years when Passions was good? Is anybody really enjoying it now? I mean, they've made Ethan think that Theresa is dead. You know he will eventually end up with Gwen. And I'm still pissed that Kay chose Miguel over Fox. Maybe if she hadn't, Fox would still be alive. And plus, i don't like the way Miguel treated her in the past. I mean, if I were Kay, and the man I loved left me and my baby to chase after another woman, there is no way i'd take him back, especially if I had a guy like Fox! (Although that's irrelevant now that he's dead!) Oh, and this whole Eve drinking thing is getting old. Although the Vincent/Valerie pregnancy story is reminiscent of the early glory days of Passions. I can't wait to see how that storyline develops. And when is Sam going to be the honorable man we love and marry Ivy? Shacking up isn't like the Chief of Police we've all come to know and love! Oh, yeah! When is Ethan going to find out the truth about Little Ethan? (For the record, I think he's an idiot for believing Jonathan is his son without demanding proof. ) Who's to say Gwen didn't adopt or steal him away? It's been done before when Alistair (as Charlie) teamed up with Beth and kidnapped Sheridan and took Marty away from her at birth.

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    Angry Re: How are long-time Passions fans liking the show now?

    Not much!

    It's heartbreaking to see how this once wonderfully entertaining show has turned out. It isn't too hard to figure out without the Top 3 supercouples on the show having at least some happiness: Shuis, ET, Evian....and did I mention Shuis, oh yeah and then there is Shuis.

    I have what they have done and I am afraid there will be no payoffs for the loyal Passions fanbase after all these years of faithful watching.

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    I am a loyal fan. I try to watch the show but I agree what happened. First off the already did a story like this. Not the same storyline but Thereas digusing herself. I mean they did that in the begginning when it was good. It took a turn for the worst in 06. The whole Vincent/Valerie thing is just plain stupid and its getting old. Eve drinking again thats stupid. Julian and Esme is just plain wrong. Her neice Vicky trying to kill him. Its like Vincent saying he is going to kill Juilian. Ethan really needs to learn the truth about Little Ethan. That should have ended years ago. The whole Pretty thing was pointless. Why even bring her back. Yea it has gotten bad. I watch it but right now I don't care the least that its getting cancelled. They need to air the old shows i will watch them. They should do that again like they did awhile ago. I liked those. Its just too pointless to watch. I got better things to do.

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    I still watch it but now that it is on Direct Tv I watch the episodes online. I wish that they should full episodes for free.


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