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    hey all!
    of course since edwards is my man, i'm thrilled with the race results! looks like my fords might have got their stuff back together for this year. which should make the races more enjoyable for me. chevy domination makes my skin crawl!

    however, i thought jr was totally justified in being ticked off sunday. i don't know why NASCAR was pressing so hard to get the race in on sunday. seems like they've called them alot quicker before. IMHO jr, hamiln, mears & etc paid the price for NASCAR's mistake. i had mears in my fantasy league so i took a hit there too.

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    Omgosh! It was a stinking nightmare! I get that they want to run the race for the fans who paid big bucks to see it and those fans have to be at work on Monday, but to risk exactly what happened, having drivers wrecked out in the first few laps of the race is just beyond stupid!
    It was like the race that never ends. It just went on and on my friends. Lol
    I'm happy for you, shortness. I know you've been waiting awhile for this one.
    I have to say though that Chevy dominance really works for me, especially when the Chevy dominating has Jr behind the wheel! lol


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