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Thread: Could Rebecca have something to do with the BlackMailer?

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    Post Could Rebecca have something to do with the BlackMailer?

    She does hate the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. She would like to see Theresa kept away from Ethan. She's good at learning secrets. Perhapsshe learned about the secret passages. And she has fooled around with so many men she might just know some blackmail secrets.

    But would she dress up as a man/woman? That is not Rebecca's way of doing things.

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    Talking Re: Could Rebecca have something to do with the BlackMailer?

    I thought of this for a few minutes too but then thought of:

    1. If she knew the Little Ethan secret why didn't she just tell Gwen and Ethan. I guess she could be afraid that Ethan would forgive Theresa and that Little Ethan would strengthen the bond between them.

    2. While Rebecca is sick and twisted, would she actually "steal" the "DNA" from Luis and plant it in Fancy? That is so sick it may be too sick for even Rebecca!

    3. The blackmailer seems to be in fairly good shape. He/she has beaten up the fake Ethan and out run Ethan a number of times. I don't think Rebecca is in good enough shape (then again with her kinky sexual appetite, maybe she is).

    4. The blackmailer seems to be fairly ingenious. . . Rebecca just isn't that smart.

    I don't know. I am beginning to think it is Vincent but then again that is too obvious with all the hints about it. Maybe it is Beth in disguise. She is one twisted puppy!

    All I know for sure is that I am tired of this storyline and wish it would end. The mask creeps me out!


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