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Thread: OMGosh!!!!! I can't believe it, I am in shock!!!

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    Post OMGosh!!!!! I can't believe it, I am in shock!!!

    I can't believe it everybody!! I am so psyched about this!! Ryan Newman won the race, he won the Daytona 500!!! I am on cloud 9. I have the flu but I feel better than I have in days!! This is the best thing that could happen to him! I am so thrilled. My brother was there to see it too!!! I almost bought tickets last weekend and headed down there now I am kicking myself for not doing that.

    So how is everyone else? Who are you pulling for this year shortness? I know you were thrilled, Tigger, to see Dale Jr. win the Daytona Shootout!

    WHOO HOOOO!!!!
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    Re: OMGosh!!!!! I can't believe it, I am in shock!!!

    Congrats thf! I remember how thrilled I was when Jr won in 2004, I thought I'd literally fly through roof I was so elated so I know how happy you are feeling today and I'm very happy for you! I can't say I'm not disappointed that Jr didn't pull off the win. Not to mention the sweep. But I'm really happy for you. I hope you're over the flu soon! Glad the win made you feel better. Funny how far a win from your favorite driver can take you isn't it? lol
    I'm just thrilled to see Jr enjoying himself again and being competitive! I'm looking forward to this season more than I have any season since they started the awful chase, which I will try not to complain about so much this year. lol
    Anyway, congrats again thf!

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    Thumbs up Great Finish to a Terrific Race.

    What a blast yesterday's race was.

    Fast, close and (pretty) clean throughout.

    Great team play and it didn't detract (too much) from the individuality of NASCAR racing.

    I'm looking forward to the season again. I didn't think that was going to happen.

    Great race!


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