Al Jarreau
Love Songs

2.5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed for Coffeerooms by Mike JeffersonNow that Bobby Short has gone to that great piano bar in the sky and Johnny Mathis is content to live out his life on the golf course, we need an easy listening jazz/pop replacement.
Al Jarreau has won seven Grammy’s, and is the only vocalist to win the coveted award in three separate categories: jazz, pop and R & B. If that Al Jarreau, the who sings in the first half of the album was still performing I’d recommend him for another statue; but I’d like to slam the piano lid down on the vocal chords of the Al Jarreau who bee-bops, scats and gurgles his way through the second half of this set. Luckily, the theme song from “Moonlighting” is missing, but so are most of the Grammy award winning songs. It may be a blessing. I haven’t heard a lot of the award winners (“Look to the Rainbow,” Fly Home,” etc…) so they’re probably some insidious form of jazz. No love lost there. I certainly will stay waaaaay clear of Al’s version of “God Bless The Child,” a song I’ve permanently banned from my play list under penalty of human sacrifice. I don’t care if John Lennon, Jim Capaldi, Richard Manuel, Rick Grech, and Jim Morrison all rise from the dead and offer to play it in my living room with Chris Wood flying in on gossamer wings to share the horn section with Marilyn Monroe – I ain’t havin’ it.