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  • No. Campuses should be gun-free safe zones.

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  • Yes: any licensed gun owner should be able to carry their gun on campus.

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  • Yes: for the safety of all, ALL should be required to be armed.

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Thread: The falllout of letting the NRA make public policy

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    Post Re: The falllout of letting the NRA make public policy

    I do not own a gun (other than my dad's 40 year old rusted out ones) and I am not an advocate of such, but ...going out on a limb here.....if criminals can get guns by illegimate means or lawful ones maybe....

    If your state allows concealed weapons and IF law abiding citizens carry them, then could there be a chance that some of the law abiding citizens who carried concealed weapons could have made a differnce in some of these tragic shootings?

    Some of the shooters have procured weapons by legal means and others have not. NRA can't control all these illegal weapons OR the way some get them legally.

    I'm getting to the point with some of these shooting venues that I think it would be GREAT if someone else "carried" and could take these nuts out before they killed or injured so many others.

    I just dunno. Just seems very sad that in these cases the students, etc. are defenseless and at the mercy of the killers.

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    Post Re: The falllout of letting the NRA make public policy


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