This has been a topic for some time, but what do you think about this?

Should gay couples be allowed to have the same rights to marry or at least....have some kind of civil ceremony that is state sanctioned and where they have some of the same rights as traditional marriages as far as property rights, etc.?

Some want a Constitutional Admendment to deny gays any rights to marriage and keep marriage rights between a woman and a man.

Another question. If marriage between a man and a woman ....and the concern is that marriage is a holy or civial union sanctioned by the states and should remain so....then....

considering that half the marriages in this country end up in divorce, perhaps there should be a law restricting divorce, too? After all, if one is concerned about marriage between a man and a woman as being the focus of legitmate marriage, then why shouldn't there be a real finality to it and it made more difficult to obtain divorces...if sanctioned marriage (male/female) is the goal and who have the only rights given to marry?