Lynda Hirsch Spoilers for Week of 2/4

PASSIONS: Tabitha and Kay attempt to save Theresa and Pilar from the danger in Mexico without using magic, as Miguel made them promise. Kay knows death is coming to someone she cares about when she hears the Dark Side's organ music. While being held captive, Pilar is tortured by Juanita and forced to tell where her family lives. Theresa battles the sharks off and makes her way into the small boat to get her and Pilar to safety. Juanita and her hit man pursue the two escapees, eager to make them pay. Luis, Ethan and Miguel finally arrive in Mexico and doggedly track Pilar and Theresa, hoping to save them in time. Esme tries to comfort Viki, unaware that her niece is the cold-blooded attacker. Julian and Sam come up with a plan to trap the attacker, using Julian as bait. Eve struggles to keep her composure as she gives Vincent a gynecological exam on her kitchen table. Julian shows up at Eve's doorstep and tells her he knows her big secret. Vincent waits, in hiding, ready to kill Julian and keep his sick secrets.

SNEAK PEEK: Ethan begs Theresa to return.