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    I have been a huge Passions fan from day one. However, the current place I live I am not able to receive DirectTV. I am going to move in March. I have a quick question. . . .

    Will Passions be around long enough to make it worth my effort to have DirectTV installed in my new home?


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    Hi Marybeth! Unless Passions is picked up by some other channel, it will end in August. The cast comes back to work on February 4th and will tape episodes for 8 weeks and end taping on March 28th (I believe that is the date). These episodes will be shown only 3 days a week now so DTV will stretch this out to end Passions in August. Unless someone else picks up Passions, it will end there.

    Hope that helps with your decision.

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    I say that it's not worth it. It will end soon, so I guess the best way to deal with this is to wait and see if NBC or some other company will put Passions out on DVD ... then we can re-live the memories of when Passions was actually full of passion!

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    ITA. I don't believe it's worth switching to DTV either. I've got DTV, but I got that long before Passions came on it; I wouldn't switch though for Passins!

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    Thanks everyone. That makes my decision much easier. I will stick with my current company.


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