You & my shrink are both impressed! For a few months this year, I was working 15 hours a week, driving to my son's school to implement a listening therapy that goes with his occupational therapy, and keeping the house (although not well!).

The one problem is my husband. He is constantly disappointed that I'm not making more money and that the house & laundry are always behind and that home-cooked meals aren't always on the table. I'm overweight, and his automatic reaction is that all of my health problems are due to that. It's a constant struggle. I'd gladly give up working in order to devote more time to our son, who has a few issues, and to our house. But right now, it's not meant to be.

I have at least six hours of typing work to do in the next three days. Wish me luck! I can tell that a front is coming through ... anyone who says that weather doesn't affect our conditions doesn't have them.

I hope your hands feel better soon. I'll be thinking of you as I pound the keyboards!