Lynda Hirsch Spoilers for Wk 1/21

PASSIONS: Julian becomes worried when Valerie faints in his arms. He urges her to see a doctor, but Valerie refuses, saying she only trusts Eve. Viki fantasizes about all the ways she can kill Ethan, preparing herself to commit the act. As Juanita's hit men close in on Theresa, she finds help in the most unlikely of people Juanita! Theresa narrowly escapes from being shot by Juanita's hit man, but doesn't get far, as she is soon cornered and knocked out. She awakens in Juanita's living room, the evil woman looming over her. Theresa tries to bargain her way free, but Juanita laughs, telling her that she will be used as bait to lure Pilar down to Mexico, where they, then the rest of their family, will all be killed.

Pretty uses the handheld controller to activate the device in Fancy's brain.

Sheridan forbids Fancy from ever being near Marty after she screams at him.

As Kay, Miguel, Noah and Paloma plan their double wedding, they bicker over every detail, from the music to the food.

SNEAK PEEK: Pilar faces her past.