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Thread: Miles (Spoiler)

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    Angry Miles (Spoiler)

    Miles will force Marty into marriage by threatening to reveal her taped murder confession to the police.

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    Re: Miles (Spoiler)

    Oh Please! How original is that? This show is really going downhill fast. And that's sad because when I quit watching Days and came over to OLTL it was great.

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    Re: Miles (Spoiler)

    After years of Days and Passions this is like Shakespeare to me. :-)
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    Re: Miles (Spoiler)

    Since his first day on the show, I have thought there was something odd about Miles, something that goes beyond him being raised in an institution. He is creepy and I think there is more about him and his connection to Spencer.

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    Post Re: Miles (Spoiler)

    Miles is getting creepier by the day. I guess he will become the new bad guy on the show. He sure has a good start.


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