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Thread: cold and flu remedies

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    Post cold and flu remedies

    I figure since it's that time of year, it would be appropriate to start a thread for cold and flu remedies, 'cause nobody likes to have the flu or a cold. I'd like to hear which remedies have helped you guys.

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    i will never take a flu shot. last time i did that i had a mild flu. i would never subject myself to getting it for sure. and i know it can help keep the flu level down if you've had the shot.

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    I recommend C.O. Bigelow's Cold&Flu Soak, Herbal Formula(I think you can order it on-line from C.O.Bigelow). Its a wonderful product you pour into a very warm tub and then soak and breath in the vapors(it has eucalyptus oil in it) really helped with the congestion and muscle aches when I had the flu last year.

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    Re: cold and flu remedies

    Check out Umcka Cold Care. It's a great natural remedy that works really well. It comes in drop or chewable form, and Umcka makes a cough syrup and Cold and Flu product as well. I think it works really well, and have heard a ton of other people absolutely rave about it. Good luck and I look forward to seeing what other people use as well.

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    Re: cold and flu remedies

    My favorite one: 8 hours of sleep.

    I know it sounds cheesy, but hey - it works!


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