Sneak Peeks Week of 01/14/08

Theresa gets some serious food for thought this week when she receives a cryptic warning. What is she being warned about and will she take the warning to heart? Here’s what we know. Juanita demands that her people track Theresa down. Will they succeed in finding her? More importantly, if they do, will she be in danger?

At the same time, Theresa’s brother, Luis, puts family before relationships when he decides to place Marty ahead of Fancy. How will she take the news? Will this move on Luis’ part affect their situation? Either way, Alistair steps up to throw another fly into the mix. He promises to help Pretty win Luis. What tricks does Alistair have up his sleeve this time?

Speaking of relationships, it is soon going to be wedding bells in Harmony. Miguel announces that he and Kay are getting married. Is she surprised or is this a proposal she’s been waiting for? Tune in to Passions this week to find out.