Lynda Hirsch Spoilers for week of 1/14

PASSIONS: Theresa receives a cryptic warning. Luis intends to put Marty ahead of Fancy. Miguel announces he and Kay are getting married. Juanita demands her people track down Theresa, who later runs into Juanita. Pretty is determined to make Luis hers. Tabitha's kitchen magic backfires.

Sam confronts Alistair in his hospital bed and demands the name of the person who stabbed him, but Alistair lies that he doesn't know. Sam runs into Esme as he leaves and guesses that she set up Alistair to be killed. Ethan admits that he still loves Theresa in spite of all that she has done. Viki slips in and injects Alistair's IV with bleach, but he suddenly opens his eyes and grabs her. He offers to let her go if she stops struggling, and he is startled when she speaks. Alistair compliments her on the skillful ways she kills people and forces her to admit she does so because she doesn't want to lose Esme. He asks her to work for him and assigns Ethan as her first target.

SNEAK PEEK: Theresa almost destroys her family.