Tuesday's Thermal Heated SHUIS pics of the day. . . . . .
Sheridan is now at the docks trying to clear her head and to take her mind off the night’s happenings with Alistair, concerning both her and Luis and Ethan not being a Crane. Luis is walking back to the cottage when he sees her and asks what she is doing on the wharf by herself. She tells him that she needed to take a walk. Luis says they should go back to the cottage but Sheridan says that she isn’t ready to go back just yet. Luis wraps his arms around Sheridan and tells her that he has an idea that will make her feel better and it is a chance for the two of them to spend some time alone together. Sheridan is intrigued so Luis leads the way.
They arrive at a clearing in the trees which could be a park with a grill. Sheridan asks what this place is and Luis tells her that it is Luis’ Bar and Grill. LOL! Luis says that they will have to do without the bar tonight but they can roast some chestnuts and they can have all the privacy they need. (I guess so because it looks like it is freezing and not too many people would want to be out there at night when it is freezing! Oh Luis!) Sheridan asks Luis how he knew about this spot. He tells her that he and Hank used to take their dates there in high school. Sheridan thinks that Luis must have been some kind of player. Luis says that his playing days are over because he is a one woman man. Sheridan laughs just before they kiss. Luis thinks that he had better get the grill started before they get too cold. Sheridan says she could never be cold while she is with him. Luis kisses Sheridan and tells her that he loves her and he will ALWAYS love her. No matter what Julian and Alistair try to do, their love will protect them. Sheridan hopes that he is right. Luis grins and says that he is. He gives Sheridan another kiss and tells her he will be back in a dash. He has gone on a coffee and chestnut run. While Luis is gone Sheridan calls to check up on Ethan. He tells her that he is fine but is moving out of the Crane mansion. She tries to talk him out of it but he is packing.

As Sheridan hangs up with Ethan, Luis returns with the coffee and promptly roasts the chestnuts. As they wait for the chestnuts to finish roasting, Luis asks Sheridan if she feels any better.

She says that she feels guilty because she is with the most wonderful man in the world, the man that she loves more than she ever imagined that she could love anyone. She has everything that she needs or wants in the world right here and right now. Sheridan wishes that everyone in Harmony could be as happy.

It is so wonderful to be with a man she can finally believe in. They have waited their whole lives to be with someone they truly love. Sheridan tells Luis how much she loves him and they kiss again. When they stop kissing, Luis asks Sheridan if she is hungry. She says she is very hungry so Luis is going to get the chestnuts. Sheridan says she is not hungry for chestnuts but for more kisses from the man she loves. They start kissing very passionately all over again.
Sheridan tells Luis that she should feel like a wreck after everything that has happened that night but she feels spoiled and pampered. Sheridan thinks that maybe this is a dream but Luis says that he could never think up anything as beautiful in his sleep. Sheridan asks Luis how he always knows exactly what she needs to hear. Luis jokes that being a cop is only his day job. He moonlights as a mind reader by night. LOL! Sheridan challenges him to tell her what she is thinking at the time. He whispers in her ear as she says that he is very good. Luis’ cell phone begins ringing. Luis answers.

After Luis ends his call, Sheridan wants to return the favor and help Luis take his mind off his worries. Luis really doesn’t want any more roasted chestnuts but Sheridan says she was thinking about something else all together. The two begin kissing once again. After a while Sheridan asks if Luis would rather have more chestnuts but Luis says no to the chestnuts, he wants Sheridan. As Luis wraps his arms around Sheridan, she says that there is just one thing. He asks her not to tell him that there is anything else that is going to keep them from making love. Sheridan says that it all depends on how he is going to take what she is going to say. She wanted to tell him earlier but didn’t want to ruin their romantic time by the fire. Luis wants to know everything that she is feeling. Sheridan tells Luis that she is absolutely freezing and doesn’t know how much more she can take of it. She thinks her nose will fall off if they stay out in the cold one more second. Luis says they can go back to the cottage and build a little fire. Sheridan asks if he is sure he wants to do that. He says that he didn’t want to admit it but he was starting to freeze, too. Sheridan teases him about being so tough but not being able to take the cold any more than she can. He warns her not to blow his cover or he will deny it! LOL! They are just adorable! They kiss again. Luis covers the grill with snow to douse the fire, then returns to tell Sheridan if he had known love was this good, he would have tried it a long time ago. Sheridan asks him if he would have tried without her. He says that he wouldn’t have known the first thing about it without her. They kiss and head home to the cottage for a night of love making.

To be continued………..

Thanks to Passions Central for the Shuis screen caps.