Daytime Dial: Two Weeks of Spoilers

This Week:

Tuesday, January 8
* Gwen tells Ethan that they are still married.
* Theresa departs on a mission to save her family.
* Esme and Julian talk about being together.

Wednesday, January 9
* Gwen plans a romantic night with Ethan.
* Esme and Ethan discuss their love lives.

Next Week:

Monday, January 14
* Theresa receives a cryptic warning.
* Luis intends to put Marty ahead of Fancy.
* Miguel announces he and Kay are getting married.

Tuesday, January 15
* Juanita demands her people track down Theresa.
* Alistair promises to help Pretty win Luis.
* Viki speaks!

Wednesday, January 16
* Theresa runs into Juanita.
* Pretty is determined to make Luis hers.
* Tabitha's kitchen magic backfires.