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Thread: Where is Claire?

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    So where do you guys think Claire is?

    I think Philip's story that he told Shawn seemed a little contrived, almost like he was forcing his emotions. I have a feeling that he knows where she is and who has her. The fact that they couldn't track her signal made it even more suspicious.

    What do you think?

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    Re: Where is Claire?

    logically, i would think Victor has her. It's certainly his m.o. I see no reason why EJ would really care about Shawn's kid. If he did, he could have gone after the one Willow has brewing in her belly. All EJ wants is Shawn dead.

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    Re: Where is Claire?

    I'm also thinking Victor has Claire. I want to trust Phillip, but I just don't yet. Something is pun intended...hehe!

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    Re: Where is Claire?

    I too think it is Victor he acted like he knows something.


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