Sneak Peeks: Week of 1/7

Travel plans are in store for Theresa as this week she remains determined to go to Mexico. If she does head south, what will she find there? Will she get what she came for? We are not one hundred percent certain but we do know this. Before the week is out she will depart on a mission to save her family, and we’re hoping for her sake and the sake of all concerned that she is successful.

At the same time, as one Harmony resident leaves town, another returns. Jessica comes home with her new baby. Are they welcomed with open arms?

While in some betwitching news, Tabitha is really on Miguel’s case and has come up with a new scheme to thwart the recently returned heart throb – namely she intends to turn him into an animal. Some might say that he has already displayed some animal instincts, but we can’t help but wonder exactly what animal Tabby has in mind. Have any ideas?

Then, before the week is out, Gwen has some interesting news for Ethan. She tells him that they are still married! How will he take the news? Tune in to Passions this week to find out.