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Thread: Good morning! Happy New Year!

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    You have no idea how happy I am that I finally got this board figured out. ARGH!!! Was it my brain death for the past 4 months, or is it the fact that last night I was using a different computer when I made my discovery? I'm sure I'll never know.

    So what is new with everyone? I know I've been remiss at keeping in touch, and I've missed talking to all of you. It's been pretty hectic at my house, lots of changes, lots going on. I honestly miss my old life when I used to be able to say that nothing ever happens. LOLOL! It all started after ds 2 got married. Since then, I've had him, his wife, and 2 dogs living with me on and off for various times. (He lost his job 10 days before the wedding.) Seems their days of being unemployed and homeless will soon be over as they both have jobs that start later this month. In the interim, ds 1 moved from CA to LA, another sort of homeless situation. They are now in a furnished apartment temporarily, but that trip included a few days with us for the holidays. I've had some additional issues with my back/disc whatever it is, and I get out of the house by going to PT about three days a week. And, yes, that is my escape from the insanity here.

    Sooooo, that's my story. Busy, busy, lots of cooking, lots of food shopping, and not the way my life was a few months ago. Oh, yes, it could be a lot worse. Hope everyone had a great holiday season. I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you and catching up. Happy Wednesday to everyone.

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    Post Happy New Year!

    Good to hear from you - what a busy time you've had! Hope you had a fab christmas and new year. It is very cold here today and snow is forecast (unusual for us in in southern England). Sounds like your family is going to be all sorted out for 2008 and I wish you all well.
    Liz x

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    Post hi chai..happy new year

    whew that does sound like a busy time for you chai! hopefully the new year will slow life down a bit! personally im happy the holidaze are over..but for some reason,i feel like putting up a tree,and i didnt even put one up for xmas..LOL..maybe its all those xmas clearance sales..the trees at tar jay were 75 percent off...and some came with lites already strung! my dil just came to pick up the grandkids and i sent her home with my last box of exactly dago..what does this mean...well i guess it means i wont be putting up trees anymore or i need to buy new ornaments if i do..LOL @@...hugs dago aka min

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    Re: Happy New Year!

    Hello from me again. And, now I'm very confused. Am I answering Liz or Mindy??? ARGH!!!! I guess I'll talk to both of you at once and apologize for my lack of skill here.

    Soooo, Liz, yes, it was very busy and disorganized here at my home for a while. Things seem to slowly be getting back to normal. Christmas and New Year's were okay. As is the usual case with the holidays, I'm glad they are over. ) Cold here, too. BRRRRR! We are expecting a big warm up this weekend.

    Good to hear from you.

    And, Ms. DagoRed, no tree???????????? Oh, well, I can understand. I questioned my sanity a whole lot today as I continued with the un-decorating. I worked for several hours, and the tree is still here. I'm thinking maybe I should go get some wooden hearts, red paint, and turn it into a Valentine's day tree. That would save me some stretching.

    Happy day to both of you!

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    Re: hi chai..happy new year

    I answered you above in the response to Liz. I had no real idea how to go about this. But, now I think I know. I tried a different mode. Some day I will get this. LOLOL!


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