Lynda Hirsch Spoilers for Week of 12/31

PASSIONS: Theresa is devastated, thinking she has lost Ethan forever but Pilar encourages her to be with him on New Year's. At first she thinks he can't get past what has happened between them, but he surprises her with a passionate kiss, unable to fight his love for her, and they begin a romantic evening together. Pilar gets a disturbing phone call something awful has happened!

Sheridan, Luis and Marty bond as a family. Fancy is hurt that Luis kept the truth about Marty from her but Luis explains and they spend a romantic New Year's Eve together. A confused Miguel realizes that Kay and Tabitha are witches.

As all her lovers are getting killed, Esme decided to do Harmony a favor and seduce the worst offender of them all Alistair! Sam arrives at the mansion to arrest Alistair for Chad's murder and instead finds the old man with a knife in his back. Esme and Sam both wonder why Alistair is keeping his attacker's name a secret.

SNEAK PEEK: Miguel puts an end to the magic.