Sneak Peeks Week of 12/31/07

The never-ending longest running love triangle in soaps continues this week as Ethan and Theresa try to have a romantic New Year’s Eve. “Try” being the operative word. What or who interrupts their evening?

Speaking of Harmony’s couples, Alistair wants Sheridan to break up Fancy and Luis. Given her own feelings for Luis, will she agree to do Alistair’s bidding? We have a sneaking suspicion that Alistair might be very convincing, as on New Year’s Luis abandons Fancy. Does Sheridan have anything to do with it? At the same time, Esme has romance on her mind and the object of her affection is none other than Alistair. Will she decide to seduce him? If so, how will he respond?

Meanwhile, Kay opens up to Miguel and admits that she is a witch. Will he be horrified or think it’s kinda cool? Then, before the end of the week, Rebecca and Pilar come to blows. What is at the root of their argument this time? Be sure to watch Passions to find out.

Passions is pre-empted this week.