Lynda Hirsch Spoilers (week of 12/17)

PASSIONS: Esme has her Christmas fantasy fulfilled when she has a passionate encounter with Santa. Fancy and Sheridan catch Luis making love to Pretty while under Tabitha's spell. Fancy storms off, telling Luis they're over. Kay worries that Tabitha's evil will do nothing to return Endora and Miguel to them. At the church, Ethan and Gwen pray for Jonathan's recovery, while Theresa and Pilar hope for Little Ethan to fight off his life-threatening infection. Theresa overhears Ethan give his confession and complain about Theresa's petty, self-centered behavior in a time of personal crisis. She worries that she's lost Ethan for good. Noah gives Paloma a surprise gift that takes them to the next step in their relationship. Sheridan is overjoyed by the return of her son Marty. Pilar fears her family's happiness is doomed by her long-ago deeds.

SNEAK PEEK: Vincent terrifies Eve.