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    Yeah!!! Rebecca Budig is returning as Greenlee!!!

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    This would be my chance to see RB in that role.I remember her as Michelle Bauer on Guiding Light years ago.

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    [QUOTE=onnie28;9311]Yeah!!! Rebecca Budig is returning as Greenlee!!!

    I thought it was kind of funny that word was already out that rebecca was returning before greenlee was "fighting for her life" kind of anti-climactic if you ask me. lol!how did they expect viewers to believe greenlee might die when word was already out that rb was returning? lol! Honestly, who writes these things? lol
    otoh while I can't stand greenlee, I do love rebecca.

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    I'm really excited about this. I like the original Greenelee much better. I can't wait.

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    I can't believe in just two more days Rebecca will be back on our screens playing Greenlee. I wish Sabine all the best but imo she just can't play Greens the way Rebecca can.

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    The shows may appear a little sloppy due to the lack of writers in the field.The strike is among us.


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