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Thread: The Republican Party is no longer conservative.

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    The Republican Party is no longer conservative.

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    Re: The Republican Party is no longer conservative.

    The Republican Conservative I knew always presented themselves as people of discipline, family values, and personal responsibility. Abstinence until marriage, No abortion, No birth control, No drugs, No homosexuality or transgenderism, Go to church on Sunday, Fathers are important, Spank your children, Do not fall into debt, No welfare, Value work, Just because it makes you feel good doesn't mean it's good for you, etc.
    They in turn present Liberals as people of indulgence, and in some cases blame the 60's and the decades of liberal decadence that came after on current day problems.

    But we seem to find a more indulgent "Conservative" in recent days. They can't seem to comprehend a male abstaining past 20 let alone 30, alchohol (especially beer) flows almost freely, "Fathers" seem to be able to do as they please, they turn the other way when men rape, divorce is rampant, church-going seems to be a cycle of commiting sin and repenting, the unwillingness to take jobs considered "beneath them", all the aspects of Ayn Rand's libertarianism Republicans have embraced including the racism.
    They think sex (at least for men) is a biological necessity, not an activity soley for reproduction.
    Let's also not forget the opioid epidemic in many "Conservative" states.
    This of course conflicts with the kind of conservative that longs for the days of Mike Brady and Ward Cleaver, which makes me wonder how would those longing for the 50's ever associate themselves with a libertarian?
    Is this association a means to an end?


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