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Thread: Five For Friday - Prime Time

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    Re: Five For Friday - Prime Time

    That is not a political comment, but I'm sorry if Anybody thought so. Did I need to actually put the word "entertainment" before "era"?

    I was referring and commenting on the sentence that, "'Good Girls' is about desperate single mothers who turn to a life of crime to help support their financial needs."

    There was a show on last year called "Good Behavior", starring Michelle Dockery, that had a slightly similar core thread. And while "the big con" is a standard component of American stories since forever, the idea that crime could ever "pay" -- that is, turn out OK for anybody -- was never allowed in TV until recently. Hence my non-political question; are we entering a new era in TV entertainment when crime can be allowed to "pay"?

    If somebody found politics in that, that's their problem with prickly over sensitivity. I actually moved a thread to from The Pier, to Politics, just a few weeks ago, just so that it wouldn't be offensive to someone.

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    Re: Five For Friday - Prime Time

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    Are we in a new era where crime will pay?
    This sounds like something that's been going on with premium cable channels (IE: HBO/Showtime) for quite some time now. The Sopranos being a prime example.

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    Re: Five For Friday - Prime Time

    True that. The "bent" hero has been around. On broadcast TV the last two seasons, "Shades of Blue" has done seriously bent cops -- if not fully broken.


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