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Thread: Reaction to Kathy Griffin is over the top.

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    Reaction to Kathy Griffin is over the top.

    I don't care for the thing she posted with the "decapitated" Trump mask, but it's the kind of thing that she does. The reaction to it is a bigger deal than the actual "thing".

    She's a comedian and social commentator. Her approach is outrageous observation -- always has been. If you don't like it, don't buy tickets, don't listen, don't watch.

    Getting fired from CNN's New Year show? Really? And now there are cancelled shows at a casino. Let ticket sales say whether the show should be cancelled. George Carlin would be so in their faces.

    BTW: For all the people who are outraged by it, or who are defensive for young Baron Trump; where was the outrage when Obama was lynched in effigy, over and over and over again? (In other words, if you didn't speak up against those, then STFU now.)

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    Re: Reaction to Kathy Griffin is over the top.

    You are wrong! It is a big deal. She should have been fired and I am glad that her shows are being cancelled. It's about time that one of these big-mouthed liberal Hollywood babies gets taken to task. No one is held accountable for the disrespect and outright hatred that is spewed to this president. The liberal media and leftwing snowflakes have nothing better to do than to spew their hatred daily. Whether it's late night talk show hosts or SNL it's disgusting. Had this type of behavior been directed at St. Obama you can bet the television personalities would have been fired. I don't care if you didn't vote for him. I don't care if you don't like him or his team or his policies - take positive action and act like an adult. And please show me how many famous people lynched Obama in effigy? Please find one. And - this should be on the politics board.

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    Re: Reaction to Kathy Griffin is over the top.

    Outraged reaction to someone posing with a bloody, decapitated head of The President of The United States is "over the top"? Really?
    I totally disagree.
    I'm no Trump fan but what Griffin did was disgusting and offensive.

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    Re: Reaction to Kathy Griffin is over the top.

    "Leftwing snowflakes"? Really?
    After eight years of hateful ranting by the little flowers of the Right. That's pretty rich.

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    Re: Reaction to Kathy Griffin is over the top.

    MTJ: I do agree that what Griffin did was offensive -- but I find much of what she does to be over-the-top and offensive. Even so, and given that, I still think that the reaction to it was also too much. She is what she is, and does what she does. If the public stops watching, _then_ take her off, is how I think that it should go.

    If firing for being offensive becomes the rule, then Fox would have to remove almost their entire cast of lying cretins.

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    Re: Reaction to Kathy Griffin is over the top.

    I disagree.
    I really don't care who Griffin is or what she is known for.
    What she did was disgusting and offensive and I don't think the reaction to it was unwarranted.
    Saying "she is what she is" gives her carte blanche to say and do whatever she pleases.

    Lots of TV and radio personalities have been fired for offensive things.
    It's the nature of the game.

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    Re: Reaction to Kathy Griffin is over the top.

    We went through eight years of Republicans depicting the lynching of President Obama and "Second Amendment Solutions". I didn't see a lot of complaining about that. As for TV personalities and other celebrities that said things like that, they seem to have glorified such behavior.

    Seems to me that the right can get as nasty as they want, but the left has to play nice.

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    Re: Reaction to Kathy Griffin is over the top.

    For eight years President Obama has been called names,faked hangings. Eight years of Republicans whining and complaining about a very competent president.Now they whine because people don't like the incompetent Joker? He is a joke and all around the world people make fun of him because he is a joke.Anytime somebody has enough brains to see how bad he is they are called 'bleeding heart liberals ' or snowflakes. Name calling like their bullying leader who has no clue how to run this country. I don't see how anybody can still support what this clown does. And disrespect and outright hatred? You mean exactly what President Obama got from the Republicans? Except that he actually knew how to run the country but Republicans are still too full of hate to see what he accomplished.


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