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Thread: Like Button...Oh Gross

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    Re: Like Button...Oh Gross

    I have read a lot of internet thoughts on the LIKE button.
    And how people use it incorrectly.

    For example, someone posts on Facebook that their cat died and they are so sad.
    The post shows with 8 LIKES.

    Again, if you want to respond to a post anywhere, do so with words of English.
    Not LIKE or I HR U.

    The dumbing down of communication between people never ceases to depress me.

    Note to Agent: I was really tempted to take a page out of your book and intentionally bump into the dweeb who was walking in the parking lot, face glued to his little tiny computer screen/aka cell phone...but I chose grace and refrained. I'm sure it was something incredibly urgent like the latest addition to his Facebook feed, or what the weather might be like later in the day.

    "I finally realized that people are prisoners of their phones. That is why they are called CELL phones"
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    Re: Like Button...Oh Gross

    Now I see it!!

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    Re: Like Button...Oh Gross

    Well, I'm gonna give that a Like! ;-)

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    Re: Like Button...Oh Gross

    2 people like this!!!
    Be the first of your friends!!
    Because it's all about how many people LIKE what you say.


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