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Thread: Monopoly Game Pieces

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    Monopoly Game Pieces

    Let me start out by saying that some things should be left alone.
    Monopoly is a classic game and the game pieces have come to mean a lot to many people.
    But no, things have to be "messed with" and "updated".

    So, by some odd vote from odder people, the thimble, wheelbarrow and boot are OUT.
    Replacing them will be a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a rubber ducky and a penguin.
    No, I am not kidding.
    I guess we should be glad that the proposed hashtag and winking emoji piece did not make the vote.
    Yee Gods.

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    Re: Monopoly Game Pieces

    I told my friends that younger people probably thought the thimble was a wastebasket. Now everyone will want to be the T-Rex.


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