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    i love this story so far
    please continue=D

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    Chapter Nine

    When they got to the entrance of the cave, Luis looked at Sheridan. She almost had the look of uncertainty in her eyes. "Are you sure about this? It will change everything, baby." Luis asked wanting her to be sure before things progressed.

    She looked at him, and all of a sudden it was like a light went off. She was sure of this. If she was to die after tonight, she would be a happy woman. "Positive." She beamed at him.

    Luis Whooped loudly, casing Sheridan to laugh uncontrollably. We walked into the cave with her still in his arms.

    When they got furthur in, Sheridan found a blanket and a fire already started. Sheridan looked at Luis. "How?"

    Luis grinned happy that she liked the surprise. "Where do you think Gwen was?" sheridan groaned in his shoulder before kissing him soundly on the mouth. "You do realize that I am going to be razzed by Gwen tomorrow."

    "So will I, but it will be worth it." Luis went to kissing Sheridan again. He slowly lowered her on the blanket and went to kiss every inch of her before making love to her.


    "So, Do you think they are enjoying themselves?" Hank asked, staring at the frot entrance of the cave.

    Gwen smirked at him, before whispering, "I know they are." She kissed him quickly before walking off.

    "Where are you going babe?" Hank asked running to catch up.

    "I am NOT going to listen to that, you perve. Come on Lets get something to eat before enjoying ourselves like the love birds in there." She said pointing to the cave.

    "You read my mind sweetheart." They both grinned before heading to the diner to get some to go food before indulging in their own hanky panky.

    To Be Continued......

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    Chapter Ten

    "That was amazing." Sheridan had a new glow about her that Luis couldn't get enough of.

    "It's not over yet baby." Luis whispered to her before giving her a kiss that left her breathless. She moaned as his hands roamed her already heated body.

    "But don't you think we should head back to your place or mine and continue it there? I don't want someone to walk in here on us." Sheridan asked so sweetly that Luis wanted her even more.

    "Get dressed fast." Luis said while trying to stuff his legs in his jeans sans underwear. Sheridan followed suit. As soon as they were out of the cave, they looked around and made a mad dash to Luis' room since his was the closest.

    "Where do you think Gwen and Hank are?" Sheridan asked, curious as to where her best friend and her lover disappeared.

    "I don't care at this moment. They could walk in on us and I wouldn't care. They could watch us and I wouldn't care." Luis stalked over to Sheridan and threw her over his shoulders and ran for his bed, throwing her down. Life couldn't get any better if it was here with Sheridan.


    "Gwen, do you think it would be alright if I quickly went to my room and grabbed some clothes for tomorrow?" Hank asked, out of breath after their love making.

    "You won't need them till tomorrow anyway. Why bother with thinking about clothes if you won't be waring them?"

    "Good point babe." and they went back to their love making.


    Sheridan giggled as Luis tickled her sides. It felt so natural to be here with Luis, naked like this, enjoying each others company.

    "Luis? Do you think you could stop that so we could get some nurishment?" Sheridan asked, out of breath from laughing si hard.

    "Anything you want." Luis grabbed a quick kiss before they went to the diner to get some food.


    Sitting at the diner, Sheridan finally asked Luis the question she was dreading. "Luis? Where do you see this going between us? Is it just good sex?"

    "Baby, I plan on following you anywhere." Luis grinned.

    Sheridan grinned back. "Even if it is to a colder climate, like Harmony, Maine?"

    Luis looked shocked. Sheridan wasn't sure if it was dread from thinking about the cold. "Harmony?" He asked.

    Sheridan nodded. "I am from Harmony." Luis said.

    Sheridan was the next one stunned.

    "How come I never saw you before?" Luis asked, trying to figure out which family she belonged to.

    "I lived there as a small child. My brother and his family live there still." Did Luis want to go back to his family.

    "This just made my day better. I get to go home and see my family and I also get you there too." Luis grinned, then Sheridan grinned. Leaning over the table, their lips met in a passionate kiss.

    "So your brother is Julian Crane. I don't know why I didn't put it together. He lives in the house on the big hill and owns Crane Industries."

    "Yeah. Is that bad?"

    "Not at all. Your brother is alright. Not sure about your dad though. I saw him yell at a restraunt worker for the food being too hot."

    "That's my loser dad, Alistair."

    "Don't worry babe. You are with me now and I plan to keep you by my side forever.

    Sheridan cheered up at that. "So when did you want to go home?"

    "Work is done for me in a week. I was planning on returning then, so you can come with." Both grinning, the ate their food fast. Knowing when they got to his room, they would love each other well.


    When the week came, Luis, Hank, Sheridan, and even Gwen boarded the plan for Harmony.

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    It had been five years since Sheridan gave up everything to be with Luis. She could still remember the phone call she received from her father.

    "You better leave Harmony NOW!"

    "Sorry father. I love him. I am not going to give him up."

    "What about your inheritance? You wouldn't now what to do being poor."

    "Good bye father." and she hung up.

    Her life had changed for the better. Sure it was hard at first, but she managed. She even got a job working with the children at the youth center. Luis enrolled in the police department and he was now looking at being a detective.

    'Life couldn't get any better than this.' she thought rubbing her eight month pregnant self.

    They already had a four year old girl named Kathy, after her grandmother. She was a handful, but wrapped around her daddy's finger. She could get away with anything.

    Sheridan thought about when she found out Kathy was coming.

    "What are we going to do Luis? We aren't ready for a baby." Sheridan cried into Luis' shoulder.

    Luis spread his hands across Sheridan's still flat stomach. "She is our miracle. Just think, she was probably conceived that first night. It may not be the best time, but we can deal with this miracle coming."

    And deal with it they did. They had gotten married quietly with just his family and friends and Gwen.

    Thinking of Gwen she knew she better call her. Kathy was over there with Hank and her little boy. He came along just a few months after Kathy and it still amazed her that both children got along well. Gwen had gone on to college after that using her inheritance. She was now in law school and on break for the summer.

    Reaching for the phone, she felt arms wrapping around her. "You're home early."

    Giving Luis a quick kiss, she went back to calling Gwen. Luis stood behind her. Life couldn't get any better than this. And then her water broke.

    THE END!!


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