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Thread: Living In New York *sequel to Pretty Woman*

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    Re: Living In New York *sequel to Pretty Woman*

    Chapter Twelve

    "Let me go. Damn it! You are hurting me." Sheridan screamed at the big burly man.

    "Sheridan, Is that you?" Sheridan thought she had heard Kimberly talking. Looking around she saw no one. When all of a sudden walking out of the bathroom was Kimberly in tears and a welt the size of Manhattan. Kimberly ran to Sheridan praying to god that they hadn't hurt her as well.

    "Back it off you two." The burly man said shoving at both of them till they broke apart. He quickly grabbed Kimberly and tied her to one of the two chairs in the room. Sheridan looked around, looking for a way to escape. 'Damn the exit was now blocked by what she would call a giant. Sheridan didn't even notice the big guy approach her and tie her up as well.

    "Why are you doing this to us?" Sheridan demanded. Both big men looked at each other and laughed.

    "You two were naughty and now this is your punishment." The giant said.

    "What did we do?" Kimberly asked.

    "You couldn't stay away from the Lopez-Fitzgeralds." Alistair's voice boomed from the doorway. Both females went white. "Father." "Uncle."

    "Don't you worry though. I am going to raise your children as true Cranes." Alistair looked like the devil as he said no real emotion as he said it.

    "Don't you dare touch my son." Kimberly seethed at the man in front of her.

    "Too late. He has already been told you died." Alistair's laugh was a sound neither had heard before. True hatred. "As for you darling daughter, as soon as you give birth to the true heir, I can dispose of you too."

    "NO!" Sheridan fainted.


    "Your place sir?" The officer asked.

    "Yeah, mine and my fiancees, as well as our son. Now what happened?"

    "All I know was the neighbors heard yelling and when they went to check it out your door was open and everything was in shamples."

    "No sign of anyone?"

    "Just a note saying "I've got my revenge."

    "Damn it! Alistair Crane did this." Antonio screamed.

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    Re: Living In New York *sequel to Pretty Woman*

    Chapter Fourteen

    "Crane did you say?" the officer asked, white as a ghost.

    "Yeah, why?"

    "Alistair kidnapped my sister, well half sister years ago. Only we couldn't prove it."

    "Why would he do that?" Luis asked, hating his soon to be father-in-law even more.

    "She was a Crane. Alistair was her father. She never even saw the man until she turned 5."

    "Perfect age for boarding school." Luis seethed. "It sure sounds like Alistair. I bet your sister was put away in some boarding school to become a true Crane. Both of our fiancees had that happen to them."

    "She should be 20 now. Why hasn't she contacted us?" the officer asked, concerned for his little sister.

    "She probably was told that she had no one left and since nobody has seen her in 15 years, she probably thinks that is true." Antonio stated.


    "Wake her up!" Alistair boomed, not even a little bit concerned for his darling daughter,

    "Yes father." said a female that had just entered the room. Kimberly heard this and stared at the girl.

    "Father?" Kimberly asked.

    "Yes, he is my father. Who are you?" She was a woman in her early twenties, if that. It looked like to Kimberly that she had just come back from the spa with fresh manicured nails and new dye job for the hair.

    "Don't mind her Alisha." Alistair roared. When Alistair yelled this girl just up and listened. Heck, she even looked up to the man like he walked on water, "Just get this girl up."

    "Girl?, Uncle Alistair? She is your daughter." Kimberly knew she should have kept quiet, but finding out a Crane secret was making her mind mush. And just like she thought, she was rewarded with a slap in the face from her uncle.


    Sheridan's eyes began to open a good ten minutes later,

    "Good to see you are awake." Alistair sneered. "Now both of you will take the paper and pen I have given you and write a letter to your fiancees stating you are leaving them, never to return."

    Sheridan started crying not even noticing the other blonde girl in the corner.

    "I will be back in ten minutes and it better be written." Alistair yelled before he started walking out. "Alisha, come!" The door closed behind them.

    "Sheridan, I have got to tell you something." Kimberly told her, looking at the door where the girl had disappeared.

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    Re: Living In New York *sequel to Pretty Woman*

    Chapter Fifteen

    "What is wrong, Kimberly?" Sheridan was curious, watching Kim look at the girl who had disappeared with her father. "Who is she?"

    "Kimberly focused back on Sheridan, her eyes rounded with surprise. "She called Alistair father!"

    "'What? As far as I know, I am the only Crane daughter of Alistair and Julian is the only son." Sheridan was clearly confused.

    'Well aparently, Alistair hasn't been honest about anything."


    Luis was fuming. He should have seen it coming. Now Sheridan, Kimberly, and Alex were somewhere out there with the madman. He couldn't even fathom what Little Alex was going through with him. Luis' hands went into fists, vowing to bring back his fiancee and his brother's family and making Alistair Crane pay.

    "Luis, are you ok?" Antonio put his left hand on his brother's back. When Luis turned around, Antonio saw silent tears running down his brother's face. "Let me call the family?, ok?" Antonio asked.

    Luis shook his head yes and Antonio got out his cell phone and dialed his parents number.


    "Oh Mios." PIlar ran into Antonio's place and grabbed her two boys. Pilar could see that this was troubling him, especially Luis. When Martin walked in, he looked around and saw the place in shambles. Shaking his head, he waled over to his wife. The Lopez-Fitzgeralds put their arms around each other and gave a group hug. Silently praying for the return of Sheridan, Kimberly, and Little Alex.

    "What did the police say?" Martin looked at his two distraught sons.

    Antonio was the first to speak. "They are looking for Alistair as we speak." Martin nodded.

    Luis looked around, noticing some of the family missing. "Where is Theresa, Miguel, and Paloma?"

    Pilar answered this question with, "We have them under security supervision until Alistair is caught."

    "Good!" Both boys said at the same time.


    "Alisha, get over here now! and quit staring at that damn door. Those people are nothing! Do you hear me?" Alisha as of late had been getting scared of Alistair. She couldn't understand why he was doing this to his own daughter. 'Will he do that to me?' She thought.

    "Father, Can I ask you a question?"

    "No! You need to get ready to take Alex to Switzerland. I have the boarding school all set up. Now Move!"

    Alisha ran down the hallway, running for her life.

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    Re: Living In New York *sequel to Pretty Woman*

    Chapter Sixteen

    Alisha opened the door and walked into the room with Sheridan and Kimberly. "What do you want?" Sheridan asked.

    "I am here to help." She quickly walked over to the chairs and cut the ropes. Sheridan looked at her, curiously. "Why are you helping us?" "Will father do this to me too? I can't help thinking." Kimberly walked over to her, putting her into the biggest hug, 'Thanks so much. Now, where is my son?"

    "I have in the car, which father thinks I am taking him to boarding school. You two just take the back stairs and I will meet you in the car. Hurry!"

    Sheridan and Kim ran out the door, heading for the back stairs.


    "Mommy!" Alex ran to his mother, giving her the biggest hug he could. "Oh baby. I missed you." Alisha slid into the car and told the driver to go.

    "Do you have a phone I can use to call Luis?'" Alisha handed her the phone, where Sheridan called Luis.


    "Hello?" Luis asked.

    "Luis, Its me baby."

    "Sheridan? Where are you?" Luis asked, frantically.

    Sheridan cried before telling him, "I'm on my way home."


    Luis met Sheridan when the limo stopped in front of their apartment. "Oh my god, Sheridan!" Luis and Sheridan hugged, as well as Kimberly and Antonio along with Alex.

    "Luis, I would like you to meet Alisha, apparently my sister. She helped us escape." Luis shook hands with Alisha. "Thank you for saving her and my baby."

    "You're welcome. I didn't want the same thing to happen to me when I told father I was pregnant by the limo driver." Alisha smirked.

    Limo Driver Stan got out of the car. "You ready babe?"

    "Of course. see you around Sheridan." Alisha walked back to the limo and sat in the front seat. The limo drove off.

    "Time to put Alistair in jail." By then the police had arrived to take statements and a car was sent to pick up one Alistair Crane.


    "Mama! Watch me swim with daddy?" Their beautiful four year old daughter said. She was the splitting image of Luis, except for those blue eyes. Amelia Anne Lopez-Fitzgerald.

    'I'm watching baby." Sheridan said, while getting out of her lounger. She was now 6 months pregnant again, but this time with their beautiful baby boy. Kimberly and Antonio just had their third son. Alex was now eight, Antonio Jr was three, and Lucas just turned 2 months. All three looked like their daddy.

    Amelia swam to her daddy doing the doggy paddle. "Way to go baby." Amelia smiled at her mom and then her dad.

    Life couldn't have been better.

    Luis got out of the pool. and walked toward Sheridan, wrapping his arms around her belly. "How do you feel today?"

    "perfect. I have two beautiful children, one wonderful husband, and the greatest family on earth."

    "When does Alisha come out?" Luis asked,

    'Next week. She is bringing her daughter Samantha to come and play with Amelia." Alisha had given birth to Sam seven months after Alistair was arrested and put in prison. Alistair was furious when he had found out who had betrayed him, along with marrying the limo driver and then giving birth to his baby.

    "How are you baby?" Sheridan asked Luis.

    "Perfect." Luis whispered back to her.



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