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    Chapter Eleven
    Luis and Sheridan were inching their way towards each other that they could feel each other’s breath. They never broke eye contact when their lips found the others. They never thought kissing each other would bring such pleasure. All Sheridan could think of was that Luis’s lips were soft and warm and she didn’t want to stop. Luis’s mind was in overdrive. He knew he shouldn’t be doing this, but he couldn’t resist. She was to damn gorgeous for him not too.
    Luis was slowly outlining Sheridan’s lips with his tongue, begging for entrance. Once she opened her mouth, the kiss turned to anything but innocent. He started to deepen the kiss and Sheridan put her hands around his neck, pulling him closer. Once Luis felt her deepening the kiss, he stopped it.
    They both sat there breathless and just stared at each other.
    “I am sorry Sher. I didn’t” Sheridan stopped him by putting her one of her fingers on his mouth to silence him.
    “Don’t be sorry, cause I am not.” And she gave him a bright smile that made his heart sore.
    Luis looked at his watch and realized they better get ready for his dinner appointment with Antonio.
    “We better get going if we want to make my dinner appointment.”
    “Where are we going tonight?”
    “The Red Rose to meet by brother Antonio.”
    “I didn’t know you had a brother.”
    “Actually I have two. And also two sisters, but you already met Theresa. There is Miguel and Paloma who live with my parents yet.”
    “I think we should have a get to know you session. Don’t you think?” She said flirtatiously.
    “I definitely think so.” And they walked back to the hotel carrying all the clothes that Sheridan had bought.
    ------------------------------------------------------ Luis and Sheridan were getting ready for the appointment when the phone rang.
    Luis decided to answer it since Sheridan wasn’t even close to being ready.
    “Hey, bro. Just seeing if you are still coming tonight. I hope I am not interrupting something.”
    “Antonio, I know what you are thinking and nothing has happened.”
    “Sure Luis that wasn’t you in the park earlier kissing a short haired beautiful blond, was it?”
    “Were you following me?”
    “No, I just happened to walk by and saw you.”
    “Sure you were” Luis said sarcastically. “I know you don’t go anywhere where the locals hang out.”
    “Listen Luis, you better just let her go and have Beth fly down.”
    “NO WAY!” Luis shouted.
    “What is up with you man? You are way over your head here. Concentrate on the plan, Will you?”
    “I know what I have to do, but I will not have Sheridan back on the streets.” Sheridan walks out into the room and Luis looked up at her. Luis said, “Antonio, see ya later.”
    “Luis, L-U-I-S??” but it was too late because Luis had already hung up the phone on Antonio.
    “You look beautiful.”
    “Thank You.” Sheridan said blushing.
    Both were so happy that neither knew that tonight was going to change their lives for the rest of their lives.
    Across town, Antonio was on the phone with Beth.
    “Hey Beth.”
    “Antonio, nice to hear your voice.”
    “I have a favor to ask you.”
    “What is it?”
    “Luis misses you and wants you to come here, but is afraid to ask you.”
    “Don’t worry about it. I will get the next flight out.”
    “Thank you and bye.”
    Luis and Sheridan just walked into the Red Rose and Luis spotted Antonio at the table.
    “There is my brother.”
    They both walked to the table.
    “Antonio this is Sheridan. Sheridan this is my pain in the ass brother Antonio.”
    “Nice to meet you Sheridan.” “Won’t your world be turned upside down tonight?” Antonio thought.
    “Nice to meet you Antonio.” Sheridan stuck her hand out waiting for Antonio to shake her hand. They shook hands quickly and Antonio sat down while Luis pulled out the chair for Sheridan before he sat down.
    In New York, Beth was waiting for her flight number to be called.
    The announcer came on saying, “Flight 101 to LA is now boarding.”
    “Finally, I can’t wait to see my Luis.” And Beth went to board the plane.

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    Chapter Twelve
    While Luis, Sheridan, and Antonio were reading the menu, the waiter came up to them.
    “What can I get you folks?”
    Antonio didn’t wait for his turn he just spoke up and said, “I will have the escargot.”
    Luis gave his brother a dirty look and the waiter went to Luis and asked what he wanted. Luis responded by saying, “Ladies first.” And gave his brother a smirk.
    Antonio kept on thinking, “Enjoy your fun now. Wait until Beth shows up and blows you out of the water.”
    Even though Sheridan was born into wealth, she had no idea what the names of these foods were. He father never left the house when she was little, unless to go to boarding school. He always ordered for her.
    “Luis, Why don’t you order for me?”
    “Sher, I am sure you can yourself.”
    Sheridan leaned over towards him and whispered in his ear, “I don’t know what these names mean?” and she gave him an apologetic smile.
    Luis then just ordered for both of them.
    “The lady and I would like the lobster special.”
    “Ok, sir.” And the waiter left.
    Luis leaned over and whispered in Sheridan’s ear, “We will talk about this more at the hotel, K?”
    She nodded. “Luis, I think I am going to use the ladies room.”
    “Ok, It is that way.” He said pointing to the hallway towards the right of them.
    While Sheridan was gone, Antonio and Luis were talking business.
    “Luis, have you talked to the governor yet?”
    “No, I have been busy.”
    “Luis, Papa would kill you if he knew you weren’t doing your part of the plan.”
    “I will, just not right now. I will do it tomorrow.”
    “You are asking for it. You know papa wants the Cranes to pay for lying to them. Anyway how did you find about them being broke?”
    “I have my sources and this person wishes to remain nameless for now.”
    “Can you rely on this source?”
    “Of course I can.” He said with a dreamy look on his face.
    “I get it. This source is a girl, a pretty one too I bet. Luis, you LOVE action don’t you. You playing all over the field.”
    “ANTONIO! Shut up. Here comes Sher so be quiet will you.”
    Once Sheridan sat down, Antonio wanted to know how she happened to meet the most eligible bachelor in the US.
    “So Sher, how did you and Luis meet?”
    “We just bumped into each other.”
    Antonio thought, “Bumped into each other, sure. You were probably following him.”
    “Excuse me. When will we be arriving in LA?”
    “I am not sure we might not be able to land in LA because of a storm.”
    “I have someplace to be tonight. Where will we land?”
    “In San Francisco.”
    “How far of a drive is it to LA?”
    “Not sure, maybe two hours.”
    “Just great. More time away from Luis.” She said angrily.
    “Sorry about this, but we should be able to land within the next two hours.”
    “Thank You.”
    After dinner, Luis and Sheridan were out the door when Antonio stopped them.
    “Hey Luis, call me tomorrow after you talk to the GOVERNOR.”
    “Bye Antonio.” Sheridan and he walked out and got into the limo.
    “I had so much fun tonight. Thanks Luis.” And she leaned in and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.
    “You’re welcome.” He leaned in to give her a kiss but it wasn’t on the cheek.
    Their lips meet and it seemed that time stood still. All they could hear was the rhythm of each other’s hearts.
    “We are here Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald.” The driver announced.
    They broke apart and looked at each other seeing the want in each other’s eyes. The passion was building and both knew it was frustrating containing it anymore.
    “Thanks Hank.” Luis said breathlessly.
    They got out of the limo and headed for the hotel room. Neither knew what was going to happen next.
    They walked up and went into the elevator. Once the elevator was closed, they started kissing each other passionately. Their lips were everywhere, on the lips, face, neck, and Luis even started pulling down the straps to Sheridan’s dress and kissing her there. When the doors opened, they pulled away from each other and looked into each other’s eyes. It was like they were looking into each other’s hearts and souls. One look into their eyes both knew what was going to happen next. Luis entwined his fingers with hers and walked to THEIR hotel room.
    Once the door was opened, Luis picked Sheridan up and headed towards the bedroom. They just looked at each other, loving the new feelings that were unleashed.
    Beth’s plane had just landed in San Francisco and she was waiting to rent a car.
    “I would like to rent a car Please.”
    Once Beth was set up with a rental, she headed towards the interstate headed towards LA.
    Luis and Sheridan were each having fun undressing each other and kissing any new exposed area. They were on their way to making love, totally oblivious to the disaster waiting to happen.
    Chapter Thirteen
    Luis was busy working off Sheridan’s straps to her dress when he started to place feather light kisses along her neck. Sheridan tilted her head to give him more access to her neck.
    “Oh Luis” Sheridan said in barely a whisper. He was getting to her like nobody else did.
    Luis kissed his way from her neck, heading straight towards her chest. He slowly began to lower the dress until it was in a heap on the floor. He looked her up and down and Sheridan could easily see the desire and passions in his eyes. She was sure she had the same look in her eyes.
    Luis lowered his head until his mouth met her right breast. His tongue shot out and circled around the nipple until it was heard. He could her Sheridan moan.
    “Oh God, don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” She said while biting her lower lip.
    “Don’t worry baby. I don’t plan on stopping.” Luis said and then returned his attention to her chest again.
    Luis was slowly kissing his way down until he reached her panties. He put a finger inside and looked up at her. She had her eyes shut and was starting to shutter when she felt that Luis had stopped.
    “Luis?” she said in a whine. “Don’t stop.”
    He just laughed and pulled down her panties until they were along side the dress on the floor.
    “You know Sher, you are ahead of me. I still have my clothes on. What are you going to do about it?” he said suggestively, while he wiggled his eyebrows.
    Sheridan didn’t waste any time helping him out of his suit. She grabbed onto him and started giving him the same torture he gave her, starting with the neck.
    “That feels so good Sher.”
    “Good, I am glad I am doing something right.”
    Sheridan was kissing him down his neck and towards his stomach. She reached his belly button and flicked her tongue inside. She heard Luis moan.
    Sheridan reached inside his boxers and touched his shaft.
    “OH GOD!” Luis moaned.
    He couldn’t stand the torcher any more. He picked her up and lowered her to the bed. He quickly disposed of his boxers and lay down on top of her.
    “I wonder if Beth has landed yet?”
    Antonio picked up his cell phone and called Beth’s cell phone.
    “Hey Beth, Where are you?”
    “About an hour away. The rain just keeps coming down harder and I can’t see the road.”
    "Hurry! Luis really misses you.” “Just wait till you see what he has been up to.” Antonio thought.
    “Ok, I will call you once I reach LA.”
    “Ok, I will be waiting for your call. Bye.”
    Antonio thought, “Oh Luis, I wonder what you are doing now with the gold-digging Sheridan, probably out buying her more things. Why can’t you see that she is after your money? Oh well, not my problem.”
    “Luis, end this torture. Please” Sheridan said while grabbing a hold of his slick black hair.
    Luis looked up at her and then turned his attention back to kissing her intimately. He flicked his tongue in her opening and Sheridan arched her back off the bed.
    “Luis, Come on. I can’t take it anymore.” Sheridan whined.
    She grabbed a hold of him and brought him back up towards her mouth. She opened her mouth to give him access.
    She never thought making love good be like this. She never wanted to stop, and to think she was to marry him three years ago.
    Sheridan kept on thinking, “Why didn’t I just meet him first before running out?”
    The thoughts just flouted out of her mind as she felt pressure building up inside her.
    “L-U-I-S? I need you….now. Make love to me.”
    He looked into her eyes and he could see that she wanted him just as much as he wanted her. He brought his shaft to her opening and asked, “Are you sure? I mean this changes everything.”
    “Yes Luis.”
    And with that said, he thrusted inside of her. Sheridan felt a pain shoot through her body and she arched her back towards him, taking more of him in. She soon found the rhythm he set and moved with him.
    “Oh god, SHER.” He said with moaning.
    They were moving together like they were one person. Sheridan had never felt anything so incredible in her life as the shocks of pleasure were rippling through her body. Sheridan grabbed his butt and pushed him closer to her. She wanted to be as close as she could to this man.
    They started moving faster and faster.
    “Luis, faster.”
    “I can’t move any faster baby.” He said with a slight chuckle.
    “LUIS” she screamed as a powerful climax overtook her. Her body shuddered and she felt like she was floating through the stars. A few more thrusts brought Luis to a climax as well.
    “SHERIDAN” he screamed while still moving inside her until it stung. He collapsed on her body, sweat glistening on them.
    He pulled out of her and gathered her in his arms, both still trying to process on what just happened.
    After a few minutes Sheridan finally spoke.
    “That was…I don’t think there is a word to describe it.”
    “I know what you mean. I have an idea. How about you and I take a shower.” He said while wiggling his eyebrows.
    “I don’t know.” She said while she gave the look like she was thinking about it. “Race you.” And she took off for the bathroom.
    “I am going to get you for that Sheridan Crane.” He yelled.
    “Hey Antonio. I am just arriving in LA.”

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    Chapter Fourteen
    When Luis arrived in the bathroom, Sheridan was waiting in the shower with sponge in hand.
    “What took you so long?”
    “I have a little surprise waiting for us after our shower.”
    “Oh, really. Well in that case, we better wash each other.”
    Sheridan put soap into the sponge and lathered it. After the lather was good enough, she began to wash Luis’s chest, abdomen, and arms. She was just getting hot from being so close to him. Luis was feeling just as hot from having Sheridan close to him.
    Luis took away the sponge and started washing Sheridan’s body. Once Luis reached her thigh, she moaned loudly.
    “Sher, You better stop that or I won’t be responsible for my actions.”
    “I am sorry does this bother you.” She said while touching the tip of his shaft and looking up at him only to see him moan.
    “Sher, What am I going to do with you?”
    “Easy, make love to me.”
    “Yep.” And with that said they started kissing passionately.
    “Hi, I am looking for Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald’s room please.”
    “He is the Penthouse number one.”
    “Thank You.”
    Beth walked up to the elevators and pushed the up button. Once the elevator doors opened, Beth walked in and pressed the button for the penthouse. The doors closed.
    Sheridan backed up against one of the walls of the shower and Luis was kissing his way down her chest, giving her two breasts equal treatment. His tongue darted out of his mouth and swirled around her nipple, making it come to a peak. He started kissing his way down her abdomen until reaching her weeping center. He flicked his tongue inside and heard her moan loudly. She had grabbed onto his hair pulling it. He knew she was about to go over the edge.
    The elevator doors opened and Beth stepped out. She waked up to the door and started knocking.
    “Luis, it’s me. Open up.” Beth yelled through the door.
    Sheridan jumped up and wrapped her legs around Luis.
    “Luis, do you hear someone knocking at the door?”
    “Just ignore it. Whoever it is will go away.”
    “Ok, but you better hurry it up and make love to me.”
    Luis poised to enter her and with one quick movement he thrusted in her. They were moving their bodies together as if they were one.
    Beth was waiting for Luis to answer when a maid walked by.
    “Excuse me. I seem to have left my keys inside the room. Can you please unlock it for me?”
    “Of course ma’am.” And the maid began to unlock the door.
    “Luis” Sheridan said with a light moan.
    Sheridan could feel the pleasure building up and was ready to shatter at any moment. A couple more thrusts brought both of them to a powerful climax.
    Luis lowered her to her feet, but still held onto each other. They just listened to each other’s heartbeats, which were rapidly beating. Luis reached to turn off the water, which had gotten cold.
    Beth walked into the hotel room and looked around. She heard the water running and realized that Luis didn’t open the door because he was in the shower. She then heard the water shut off.
    “Good, Now maybe I should order room service for us and hide somewhere.” Beth thought.
    She quickly went to the phone and ordered a bottle of champagne and strawberries. She then ran into the bedroom and hid.
    Luis and Sheridan were busy drying each other off and giving little butterfly kisses on the lips every once and awhile. Once they were completely dried off, Luis picked up Sheridan and opened the bathroom door.
    The next thing Luis knew was that he had a surprise waiting.
    “Luis you ordered room service. How sweet.” Sheridan said.
    “Sher, I didn’t do this. They must have brought it to the wrong room.”
    “Well it is here now, so lets enjoy it. By the way, what is that surprise you told me about?”
    “You will just have to wait and see, baby?” And they began to kiss.
    “What the hell is going on?” Beth said quietly from her hiding spot in the closet.
    She had spotted Luis walking out of the bathroom carrying a blond. Beth just sat there with her mouth and eyes wide open.
    Chapter Fifteen
    “Oh Luis.” Beth heard the woman in Luis’s arms moan.
    She looked out the crack of the closet door and saw Luis kissing the blonde’s neck. She felt rage build up inside her. She decided a confrontation was in order, but when she looked out the door, she didn’t have enough power in her to do it. She just sat and watched them as he lowered the women on the bed. She decided that she would give them some time before she interrupted them. She needed to build up her confidence.
    When Beth looked out again, she decided it was time since the happy couple seemed to be enjoying themselves in the bed she should be sharing with Luis, her Luis. She slowly started to open the closet door. She stood at the end of the bed and looked at them. Luis and his bedmate were totally oblivious to the fact that there stood Beth watching the.
    “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING LUIS?” Beth screamed.
    Luis and Sheridan both looked up and saw Beth stand there.
    “B…Beth wha..What are you doing here?” Luis stuttered.
    Beth looked at Sheridan and gave her an evil look. Sheridan did not have any idea on what was going on.
    “Well I came to surprise my BOYFRIEND, but he seems to be enjoying himself pretty well without me.” She screamed.
    “Luis, I thought you said Beth was your secretary?” Sheridan said, stunned at what had just been said.
    “Well missy, I am his secretary and GIRLFRIEND you whore.” Beth screamed at Sheridan.
    “Beth, please calm down and we can talk about this.” Luis said trying to calm down Beth before she hurt Sheridan. “Sheridan didn’t know I had a girlfriend.”
    When Luis spoke that he had kept that from her, Sheridan grabbed the sheet and ran into the bathroom. Luis heard the lock click and heard her crying inside. Luis looked at Beth.
    “You didn’t need to take it out on her. I kept it from her for a reason.”
    “And what is that reason? You better give me a damn good answer or you won’t be living to see tomorrow.” Beth screamed.
    “Beth, I don’t know how to tell you this, but I was going to break up with you once I got back to New York.”
    “Why?” Beth said in tears.
    “Sheridan has brought out things in me I never knew existed. She is my reason for living. I can’t live without her. I am sorry Beth.”
    “I should have seen it coming. I mean when I asked you if I could move in with you last month you said NO without hesitation. How blind am I?”
    “Beth don’t do this to yourself. I mean I didn’t even think this would happen this week. I mean I was to be doing business for my papa and right now I could care less because all I want to do is spend time with Sheridan.”
    “You must really have feelings for her. I just hope that we can still be friends.”
    “I would like that very much Beth. Thanks for understanding.”
    “I have no choice. If I can’t have you as a lover, well then I at least get to be your friend.”
    Luis and Beth hugged each other and Beth walked out of the penthouse never looking back.
    “Sheridan, can you please open the door for me?” Luis said with a sweet low voice.
    He could still hear her crying and heard her reply, “Go away you lying son of a bitch.”
    “Come on Sher, I didn’t know this was going to happen.”
    Sheridan opened the door, fully clothed. She grabbed her clothes from the closet and asked for her money. Luis reached into his pocket and grabbed the money and placed it on the bed. Sheridan looked at it and just walked out the door.
    “Sher, come on. Can we talk about this? I am sorry.”
    “What you did was low. You hurt me; you lied to me. How could you make love to me like we just did when you knew you had a girlfriend? Was that the surprise?”
    “Sher, you know that I would never do that to you. That was not the surprise. I was planning to take you someplace in San Francisco. And the reason I didn’t tell you was because I was planning on breaking up with her next week anyway. Please stay with me for the rest of the week?” Luis said with pleading eyes.
    Sheridan looked into his eyes and knew he was being honest with her.
    “Don’t ever hurt me again.”
    “I promise. Now lets get ready for bed.”
    “No Luis, I want to talk about this, about what just happened.”

    “Hey Antonio. Can I come over? I need someplace to go.”
    “Beth what is wrong? Why aren’t you with Luis?”
    “I will answer all your questions when I arrive at your apartment.”
    “Ok, see you then.”
    After talking for over two hours about Luis’s relationship with Beth and about why he wanted to break things off, they were wrapped up in each other’s arms, sleeping with an identical content smile on their faces. They had just accomplished to pass their first obstacle as a couple. The only thing missing was their words of love had yet top be shared.
    Beth had arrived at Antonio’s apartment. They sat up and talked about what Beth had walked in on.
    “I figured that would happen, the way they were looking at each other tonight.”
    “Antonio, is that why you invited me out here, to show me what Luis was up to.”
    “Actually, yes. He needs to concentrate on his work and nothing else. He is so wrapped up in this nobody tat he can’t see straight.”
    “I don’t think so. She some how looked familiar to me, like I saw her picture some place before.”
    “I had the same feeling, but I couldn’t place it.”
    On Antonio’s desk was a magazine saying, “The Princess Crane is still missing after three years!” and Sheridan’s picture was displayed.
    “No big deal, I guess. What is done is done.” Beth said while eying Antonio. “Boy, he is cuter than Luis. Why didn’t I see it before?” Beth thought.
    Antonio had the same thoughts going through his head. The next thing they knew was that they were kissing each other like they never had kissed any one before.

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    Re: Pretty Woman

    Chapter 16
    The next morning, Luis woke up with the sunlight shining through the window, reflecting a glow on a sleeping Sheridan. They had spooned sometime during the night and Luis couldn’t be happier.
    Luis started placing butterfly kisses on her lips. Sheridan’s mouth curved into a smile and she sighed in her sleep. Luis started lightly laughing causing Sheridan to open her eyes.
    “You are interrupting my beauty sleep.”
    “I’m sorry, baby. Forgive me?” he said sticking his lip out into a pout.
    “You know I do, so come back down her and kiss me.”
    “It would be my pleasure.” And he dipped his head and found her lips. They started kissing passionately.
    Beth woke up and found herself in bed with Antonio.
    “What happened?” she thought.
    She couldn’t remember anything after catching Luis with the whore.
    “How did I end up in bed with Antonio?”
    Antonio answered, “You were the one kissing me when you came over.”
    “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to come on to you.” Beth got out of the bed and grabbed her clothes before heading to the bathroom.
    When she came out fully dressed, Antonio was not I the room. She walked down the hallway and found Antonio making breakfast. She slipped out the door, leaving Antonio completely oblivious to the fact that she was gone.
    After getting up and ordering room service, Luis and Sheridan were sitting on the sofa waiting for their breakfast to arrive.
    “So Luis, when are you going to tell me about that surprise I get.”
    “I am not saying a word. You will find out tonight.” Luis gave her that devilish look that made her wonder what he was up to.
    “Fine. Be that way.” Sheridan said while pouting.
    “Sher, I mean it. I am not going to say anything about tonight.”
    “Interrupted by the door. Thank Goodness.” Luis said.
    Luis opened up the door and found the bellboy with their breakfast. During breakfast, Luis wanted to know more about Sheridan. Anything about her interested him lately.
    “So Sher, you never did tell me why you like simple foods.”
    “I was never allowed to leave the house. I was locked up into my room day and night. The only time I was allowed to come down was for publicity photos.” Sheridan said with tears in her eyes.
    Luis leaned over the table and wiped away the few tears that were falling down her face.
    “Don’t cry. My heart breaks to see you cry.”
    Sheridan slightly laughed, giving him a weak, but radiating smile.
    “There is that smile that lights up the room.”
    “How come you know exactly what to say?”
    “Easy, I speak with honesty and I understand why you are crying. You had a terrible childhood.”
    “Can we please drop this?”
    “Anything for you.”
    “Thanks” and she smiled again before continuing, “What are WE doing today?”
    “Nice try Sher, but I am going to the office for awhile and you get the entire afternoon to yourself.”
    “Why can’t I come with you?”
    “You honestly want to watch me try to takedown your family’s company?”
    “Good point. Have fun dear.” She said while Luis was grabbing his briefcase and walking out the door laughing.
    “Hey Luis, you finally made it into the office.” Antonio said while seeing Luis get off the elevator. “Papa arrived this morning and is not pleased. We hardly made any progress.”
    “I know. I have been occupied lately.”
    “With Sheridan….what is her last name?”
    “I am not going to say at this moment….maybe another time. OK?”
    “Luis, you finally decided to join us.” Martin said with a disapproving look.
    “Sorry Papa. I am here now and ready to work.”
    “Good! Now lets open up these files and see if there is anything we can use against the Cranes…with anyone from that family.”
    “How about this papa.” Antonio said while holding up a magazine cover with the headline saying, “PRINCESS CRANE STILL NOT FOUND”
    “Read the article and find out. I didn’t raise you to be an idiot.”
    “Yes papa.”
    After a half an hour of looking through files, Luis decided he needed a break.
    “Hey Marissa, Are the tickets here yet?”
    “Yes sir. Two tickets to the opera just arrived about ten minutes ago.”
    “Good.” “Won’t you be surprised, Sher.” Luis thought.
    Antonio was still reading the magazine when he caught glimpse of a picture. He looked down to read the caption.
    “Sheridan Crane still missing.” Antonio was stunned at the picture. She was the same woman he saw Luis with the other night.
    “Papa, I think I found something.” The secret was out.
    Chapter Seventeen
    “Well, what did you find Antonio?” Martin said with his annoyed voice. He knew Antonio was not cut out for this type of work. That is why he sent him to Harvard to become a lawyer instead of the heir.
    “I know where Sheridan is!” He was practically yelling from the excitement in his voice.
    “Keep it down. Do you want everyone to hear you? Now, what do you mean you know where Sheridan is at. She took off before the wedding and left no clues on her where abouts.”
    “But Papa, Luis knows her.”
    “Luis never met her.” Martin was really starting to get ticked off at his son.
    “Yes he has. Even ask him who he was sleeping with last night.”
    “Can you dial my hotel room number for me Marissa?”
    “Hello. Never ever pick up the phone.”
    “Then stop calling me.”
    “I am having a dress sent over for you today. Make sure it fits before we go out tonight.”
    “Yes Sir!”
    “ha ha very funny.”
    “I thought it was.”
    “Leave it to a comedian to entertain.”
    “You better watch it mister, otherwise you can sleep on the couch again.”
    All of a sudden Martin could be herd yelling, “LUS GET IN HERE NOW!”
    “I have to go Sher. My father is calling me. See you tonight. Bye.” Love you he thought.
    As Luis was walking in, he shouted, “Yes Papa”
    “Don’t use that tone of voice with me.”
    “Sorry Papa”
    “Now what is this about you and Sheridan Crane?”
    “What do you mean?” Luis said with a studdeering and scared voice. Martin senced it.
    “Have you or have you not slept with Sheridan last night?”
    “I think that would be my business on who I sleep with.”
    “Answer me!” Martin shouted.
    Antonio just stood there watching his younger brother squirm. Maybe Papa will make me the heir and not Luis, Antonio thought.
    “Yes, Ok. I have slept with Sher. Are you happy?”
    “Why didn’t you say something. This could be used to our advantage. You can get information out of her that can help destroy them, ALL of them.”
    “Leave Sheridan alone.”
    “Listen to me” Martin shouted, “You WILL get information out of her and do it fast or you can find yourself disowned from the family.”
    “But Papa?”
    “No buts, just do it.”
    “Yes Papa, I will try tonight after the opera. Oops!” Luis said covering his mouth.
    “So you are taking her to an opera. How convenient. Make sure she has a WONDERFUL time. And make sure you come back here with some information for us.”
    “We will meet again at ten tomorrow. I am going back to my hotel room to relax.” And Martin walked out the door.
    “Way to go Luis.” Antonio said “You really are in hot water with papa.”
    “SHUT UP!” and Luis punched Antonio in the stomach before walking out the conference room to get some air. Antonio was on the ground in pain.

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    Re: Pretty Woman

    Chapter Eighteen
    Sheridan went to the door and opened. Standing there was a small Latino woman, which Luis seemed to resemble.
    “May I help you?” Sheridan said while smiling at the woman.
    “I must have the wrong room. Sorry to bother you.”
    “If you are looking for Luis, this is his room.”
    “Oh, and you are?”
    “Sheridan, nice to meet you?
    “Pilar, Luis’s mother,” and they shook hands.
    “Luis isn’t here right now, but he should be shortly. Would you like to come in?”
    “Thank you.” Pilar walked into the penthouse and looked around.
    “So Sheridan, why are you here?”
    “Sorry, I am Luis’s secretary.”
    All of a sudden, the door flew open and Luis stormed in, slamming the door.
    Luis saw Sheridan and Pilar sitting on the sofa.
    “Hi mama.” He said while giving her a kiss on the cheek.
    “I just came over here to visit you since your father is in a bad mood. And I just met Sheridan.”
    “I am going to let you guys catch up. I will just go down to the restaurant.” Sheridan said while standing up.
    “Thank You. I will come and get you when it is time to get ready for tonight.” He said with a smile on his face. Pilar sat there and watched the two interact.
    After Sheridan closed the door, Pilar wanted to know what was going on.
    “Luis can I ask you a question?”
    “Sure mama, what is it?”
    “What is going on with you and Sheridan?”
    Luis started coughing. “Why do you ask?”
    “I am not blind mijo. I can see you are attracted to your secretary. And another question where is Beth? She told your father and I that she was flying to see you right after she got off the phone with your brother.”
    “ANTONIO called Beth….to tell her to come HERE?”
    “Yes, that is what she said.”
    “Sorry to disappoint you mama, but we broke up and now I am seeing Sheridan.”
    “I should have known that Sheridan was not JUST your secretary.”
    “When I met Sher, she had nothing going right in her life. She was homeless and well she is a Crane. Papa isn’t liking this. In fact, he wants me to get information out of her so he can still the company.”
    “Don’t listen to your father. I will take care of him. And you have fun tonight.”
    “What about Antonio, mama? He had Beth fly out here because I hired Sheridan and he didn’t like her.”
    “I will talk to your brother. Just enjoy your time with Sheridan. Forget about your brother or your father.”
    “Thanks mama.”
    “You’re welcome. Now I am going to go have dinner with your sister, so I will call you in the morning?”
    “I will be at the office with papa tomorrow.”
    “No you are not. I can see you really like Sheridan. Spend some time with her; get to know her better. I will tell your father you are not coming.”
    Pilar stood up and kissed Luis good-bye.
    “I will tell Sheridan she can come up now. Bye mijo.”
    “Bye mama.”
    A few minutes later, Sheridan came through the door.
    “Your mother said I could come back up.”
    “Yep, now go get ready.” He said while slapping her butt towards the bedroom.
    “I am going to get you for that Luis.”
    “I am counting on it.” He said with a mischievous grin.
    Sheridan walked into the bedroom and shut the door after giving him a grin of her own.
    An hour later, Sheridan finally emerged from the bedroom.
    “What took you so long?” he said while noticing her red fitted long gown.
    “As you can see Luis, I had to stuff myself in this thing.”
    “I think you look beautiful.” He said while kissing her quickly on the lips. “But you are missing something.”
    “This” he said while holding out a velvet box. Inside the box was the most beautiful diamond necklace anyone has ever seen.
    “I can’t have that. It is too expensive to spend on me.”
    “Nothing is TOO expensive for my girl.”
    “Your girl?”
    “Yep. Now lets get this thing on you and get going.” He said while kissing her neck.
    “Luis if you don’t stop, we will never leave this room tonight.”
    “Ok, lets go.” And they walked out the door.
    Chapter Nineteen
    On the plane to San Francisco, Sheridan was getting more curious on where Luis was going to take her.
    “I give up.” Sheridan said with determination to get the answers out of him.
    “Not telling.” Luis said with a slight chuckle.
    Sheridan walked over to him and sat down on the sofa. She started to lean towards him in an attempt to seduce him in order to talk. She started by having pointer finger trace his jaw line and move over his lips and down his chest. Luis was getting turned on by her movements.
    “Sher, you better stop this unless you plan on finishing this.” He said with a staggering voice.
    “So Luis” she said while started to kiss his face and then neck, “Where are we going tonight?”
    “You think you can seduce me to get out the information, don’t you?”
    “Baby, I think I already have you seduced.” Sher said while looking at him with her piercing blue eyes.
    “Fine, you win. We are going to an opera. Happy?”
    “Yep.” She said while kissing him on the lips. It was only meant to be a quick peck on the lips, but the kiss soon turned out of control. Luis and Sheridan were slowly taking turns undressing each other and kissing the newly exposed areas.
    “Luis, we should be landing within the next few minutes.” The captain spoke up.
    Luis and Sheridan quickly put their clothes back on and buckled up, waiting for them to land.
    In the limo, on the way to the opera, Sheridan wanted to know everything about what it was about. This would be he first opera.
    “I will I understand anything if it is Italian. Of Course, it had to be in a language I didn’t know. Why couldn’t you tale me to a French one?”
    “Because my love, you don’t need to understand the words, just the music. Look at their actions and listen to the music, you will understand the most of what is going on.”
    “If you say so.” She wasn’t so sure that she would understand anything, but she was more than happy just to be here with Luis.
    Once they found their seats, Sheridan started to fiddle around in her seat.
    “Sher, you will be alright.” He said while giving her a quick peck on the lips. Sheridan smiled at him.
    The lights dimmed and the opera was about to begin.
    During the opera, Luis kept on staring at Sheridan, who seemed to be crying. He loved to watch her. ‘What is it about her that fascinates me?’ he thought. Sheridan realized she was being stared at and looked at Luis. She gave him one of her radiating smile that made Luis’ heart do flip-flops. She then turned her attention back to the couple on stage that looked like they were having some romantic conversation. Sheridan wasn’t to sure, but by the actions they were doing, it was her guess.
    After the opera was over, Sheridan rose from her seat and clapped her hands, She was still crying. Luis took one of his hands and wiped away some of her tears. It was just the sweetest gesture that warmed Sheridan’s heart.
    The woman next to them asked if Sheridan liked the opera.
    “It was so good, I almost peed my pants.”
    “WHAT?” The woman thought she heard wrong.
    Luis said, “She liked it better than “Pirates of Penzance”.
    The woman just stood there processing what she thought she heard and what Luis said.
    Within an hour, they were back in the hotel, completely exhausted.
    “I am so tired, but I don’t want to go to bed yet.” Sheridan said with a yawn.
    “How about this. Since I have the day off tomorrow, why don’t you show me what you usually do here in LA? DEAL?”
    “You have the day off tomorrow?”
    “Actually my mother demanded I take the time off to spend with you. You must have left quite an impression on her.”
    “I did?” She had the cutest face Luis had ever seen. She was radiating beauty and complete happiness at that moment.
    “Really.” Luis said giving her his smile.
    “Then you have a deal.” With that said Luis picked her up and carried her to bed.
    The next day, Sheridan and Luis woke up in each other’s arms completely happy. They would steal kisses from each other and just stare into each other’s eyes.
    Across town, Martin was waiting for Luis to arrive.
    “Where is he?”
    “I told him not to come in.” Pilar said while looking at her husband.
    “YOU WHAT?” Martin said with a raised voice.

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    Post Re: Pretty Woman

    Chapter Twenty
    “So where do you want to go first Sher?” Luis asked since he had let her decide on where they would be going today.
    “Since you gave me a surprise yesterday, I am giving you one today.” She said with a mischievous smile.
    “Oh really?” Luis started walking towards her. He was going to give her the same treatment she gave him when she was trying to get him to tell her about the opera.
    “That isn’t going to work Luis. So, you better stop right there.”
    “You don’t think I can get you to tell me.” Luis said with a pout.
    “I am sure you can’t.” She said with a triumphant smile.
    “Fine, but if we don’t leave this room soon, we will be back in there.” He said while pointing to the bedroom.
    When Luis and Sheridan were seated in the limo, Sheridan went up to talk to Hank.
    “Hank, Can you drop us off at this place?” She said while handing him a note.
    “Sher, that isn’t fair. Don’t I get a hint?” Luis pouted.
    “Nope and if you don’t stop that I will make you go to work today.”
    “You wouldn’t dare kick me out of my own hotel room for the day.”
    “You don’t think so, do you?” She said playfully.
    “Nope cause you would get punishment. Something like… this.” And he leaped at Sheridan in the limo tickling her until she couldn’t laugh anymore.
    “Stop it Luis.” She said while laughing.
    “Nope. Not until you promise that you will not kick me out and make me go to work.”
    “No Way!” She was still laughing.
    “Say uncle.”
    “Alright Uncle. You can stop now.” And he did. “Thank you.”
    “We are here Ms. Crane.” Hank said while Luis looked around.
    “Where is exactly here, Sheridan?”
    “We are going to do something I haven’t done in years.”
    “And that would be?”
    “Horse back riding.”
    “I am not getting on a horse.” Luis said sternly.
    “Is Luis scared of a horse?” She asked playfully.
    “NO! I mean no. I have never been riding before.” He said softly.
    “WHAT? I can’t hear you.” Sheridan yelled.
    “I said I don’t know how to ride.” Luis said louder, almost until he was shouting.
    “Well then today is your lucky day because WE are going riding.”
    “Oh great.” He said sarcastically.
    Sheridan was leading him up to the stables at a place where she used to ride when she was a little girl.
    Chapter Twenty-One
    “Hi Mama.” Antonio said while getting off the elevators and going up to her to give her a kiss.
    “Antonio, I wish to speak to you in your father’s office.” Pilar scolded. Antonio looked over at Martin and Martin just shrugged his shoulders.
    After being brought into the office, Pilar shut the door.
    “What is all this about, mama?”
    “Don’t mama me, Antonio. How could you have Beth flown in when you knew Luis was with Sheridan?”
    “But Mama…” Pilar cut him off.
    “I have met Sheridan and she is the sweetest girl I have ever met, way better than Beth. And you listen to me Antonio,” Pilar was shaking her finger at him, and raising her voice, “You try and mess up what Luis has going with Sheridan and I will make sure your father NEVER makes you the heir. Did I make myself clear?”
    “Yes mama.” Antonio knew it was for the best to just agree with his mother.
    “Good.” And Pilar opened the door and walked out.
    “Luis come on. The horse is not going to bite you if you pet it.” Sheridan laughed.
    Luis gave her a pout and said, “How do you know?”
    “Come here.” Sheridan held out her hand for him to take.
    When Luis was close to the horse, Sheridan made a NEIGH, which sent Luis running out of the stables. Sheridan was on the ground laughing hysterically.
    “What did you mother want to talk to you about son?”
    “I was scolded.” Antonio gave Martin a childish look.
    “Don’t worry, if it is a talk about Luis and Sheridan I got the same lecture.”
    “Why does mama care about Sheridan?”
    “Promise to keep a secret?”
    “Yeah papa.” Martin knew Antonio wasn’t the brightest or the best to keep secrets, but he needed to get it out.
    “Sheridan’s mother and your mother were friends from way back.”
    “So.” Martin knew Antonio wasn’t getting it.
    “The company we are buying just so happens to be her deceased friend’s company. Pilar doesn’t want to lose Sheridan as well. It is the only connection left to Katherine.”
    “I still don’t see why mama wants us to befriend an enemy.”
    “ANTONIO LOPEZ FITZGERALD you take that back this instant!” Pilar scolded Antonio.
    “Hey mama…he he.” He was faking a laugh.
    “Sheridan is nothing like that damn creep Katherine married. I just met her not to long ago and she seems just like her mother was..” Pilar was in tears thinking about Katherine. Something she hadn’t done in a long time.
    After Sheridan finally could control her laughing, she walked out of the stables looking for Luis.
    “Luis where did you go?” she hollered. She looked around and couldn’t find him anywhere.
    All of a sudden someone from behind grabbed Sheridan and put a hand over her mouth.
    When she turned around, she saw the mischievous brown eyes she had ever seen.
    “Luis, you scared me.”
    “Sorry. I didn’t want the horse to get frightened from your hollering and get loose and chase after me.”
    “Luis, the horse isn’t going to chase you. Come back in the stables and lets go ridding.”
    “No way. I am not getting on a horse.”
    “Luis, we can share a horse. That way I can control the horse.”
    “I don’t know Sher.” He looked at the horse and then at Sheridan’s piercing blue eyes. He knew he couldn’t say no to her. “Fine. You control the horse.”
    “Thank you.” And she flashed him her signature grin. He couldn’t help, but not smile back at her.

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    Re: Pretty Woman

    Chapter Twenty-Two
    “Luis, you don’t have to hold on to me so tight.” Luis was holding on to Sheridan’s waist so tight, he was cutting off circulation.
    “It is ok. Just relax.” Luis released the grip enough for Sheridan to breath.
    After a few minutes, Luis seemed relaxed enough to enjoy the scenery.
    “Hey Luis. Look over there.” Sher pointed out to a field in the near by distance to what looked like a couple having a picnic. The man looked like he was bended on one knee.
    “Isn’t that so sweet?” Sher asked Luis while turning her head to look into Luis’s brown eyes. Eyes that she seemed to get lost in all the time.
    “Yeah, but not as sweet as this.” He said while capturing her lips against his. After the kiss was over, Sheridan sighed. She could not remember a time in which she was so happy.
    “How about we bring this horse back to the stables and go to another spot you like?”
    “In a little while. There is a spot I want to take you. It isn’t to much farther.”
    “Whatever the lady wants.”
    After a few more minutes, they arrived at a small pond with a shady tree right by the pond. Ducks were in the lake. Sheridan jumped off the horse and held her hand out for Luis. When Luis got off the horse, he took in the surroundings.
    “Sher this is beautiful.”
    “Thanks, my mother used to take me here all the time before she died. We used to ride our horses here and feed the ducks.”
    “Sounds like you used to have fun with your mother.”
    “I did. I loved her very much and she loved me. Now nobody loves me.”
    “That is not true. I know someone who loves you.”
    Sheridan had been crying when she was telling Luis about her mother.
    “Who?” she asked with tears streaming down her eyes.
    “Me.” He said sincerely. Sheridan had more tears going down her cheeks.
    “Yes Sher, me.” He wiped the tears from her eyes and captured her mouth again, but this wasn’t like any other kiss. This kiss held emotions that before now were left unspoken.
    “I love you Sheridan.”
    “I love you too Luis.” And they began kissing again. Luis and Sheridan slowly moved lower to the ground where they began to make love right under the shady oak tree, right by the lake.
    Chapter Twenty-Three
    The cool wind by the lake was cooling down their overheated bodies. Sheridan and Luis were on their sides facing each other, basking in the after glow of their lovemaking.
    “I can’t believe you love me.” Sheridan said with her blue eyes sparkling a crystal blue.
    “You better believe it, baby.” Luis said while reaching over and giving her little butterfly kisses.
    “I have never been this happy since my mother was alive. You have just made me the happiest woman in the world.”
    “You have made me the happiest man in the world.” Sheridan blushed at his comment and felt a wave of happiness and peace wash over her when Luis said that.
    “You know Luis, I would love to stay like this forever, but I don’t want anyone to come back her on the trail and see us like this and besides I have more places I want to show you.” Luis gave her his Chesire grin and Sheridan smiled back. They have never felt this truly happy in all their lives.
    “You are right. I wouldn’t want another man to see how beautiful you look and try to steal you away from me.” Luis said with his mischevious tone.
    “You know you have me forever, so don’t worry. I am all yours.” Sheridan grinned.
    “Good.” And he leaned in for another kiss. They seemed to forget everything around them when they got lost in each other. Both tuned out the rest of the world. Luis had Sheridan on her back and him on top of her. They were about to go for round two when they heard some voices coming from down the trail.
    “Luis, someone is coming.” She whispered with ragged breaths.
    “What?” He said back.
    “Someone is coming.” She said louder and brought Luis out of his daze.
    They quickly got up and through on their clothes. Just as their shirts were put on, a child on a white horse with an older man on a black horse and a woman on the other side of the little boy. It was a family enjoying the beautiful cool day. When the small family rode by, the little brown haired boy waved at Luis and Sheridan. Sheridan couldn’t help but not think about what life would have been like if she married Luis all those years ago. She imagined them having a little boy that resembled Luis and a little girl that looked just like her.
    “Sheridan, are you ok?” Luis asked in concern as Sheridan seemed to be in a world of her own.
    Sheridan came out of the daydream and looked at Luis. “Luis, do you ever think about what life would have been like if we did get married?” She asked with an insecure voice. She wasn’t sure if she should have brought it up or not.
    “Actually I think if we would have gotten married, we probably wouldn’t be like we are today. We probably would have hated each other.”
    “You are right. Sorry I brought it up.” Sheridan’s eyes were filling up with tears because Luis didn’t imagine them together forever. Luis saw her tears and wanted to tell her he would love to marry her now, but he thought it was too soon.
    “Sher, what I meant was that if he would have married all those years ago, we wouldn’t be this happy and I like being this happy with you. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to get married someday, but I like the way things are now.”
    “You are right. I know you love me and right now that is more than enough.” Even though her thoughts were something different. ‘Why can’t he just ask me now. I would do anything for him to marry me now.’
    “So…What do you have planned next?” He tried to cheer her up again. Once he said that her eyes lit up and were the crystal blue again.
    “First we have to bring back the horse and then we are going to a club called The Blue Banana.”
    “Hello.” Antonio said with a snobbish voice.
    “Hello Antonio.”

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    Re: Pretty Woman

    Chapter Twenty-Four
    The next morning they awoke, entwined in each other’s arms. They both had the same identical smile of pure bliss written all over their faces.
    Luis woke up with the sun streaming through the terrace doors. Next to him was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and been with. He couldn’t believe that with just saying three words to her, had changed his life for the better. He stared at her and thought she slept beautifully and angelic. Yesterday was the best day of his life.
    “Sher this is beautiful.”
    “Thanks, my mother used to take me here all the time before she died. We used to ride our horses here and feed the ducks.”
    “Sounds like you used to have fun with your mother.”
    “I did. I loved her very much and she loved me. Now nobody loves me.”
    “That is not true. I know someone who loves you.”
    Sheridan had been crying when she was telling Luis about her mother.
    “Who?” she asked with tears streaming down her eyes.
    “Me.” He said sincerely. Sheridan had more tears going down her cheeks.
    “Yes Sher, me.” He wiped the tears from her eyes and captured her mouth again, but this wasn’t like any other kiss. This kiss held emotions that before now were left unspoken.
    “I love you Sheridan.”
    “I love you too Luis.”
    *End Flashback*
    Luis thought he knew love before, but with Sheridan, it was something totally different. He was completely addicted to her and never wanted any of it to change. He looked over at his sleeping angel and wanted to make love to her right then, but he knew she needed her sleep. He left her sleep and just stared at her, while he thought about their time at The Blue Banana.
    The limo stopped in front of a blue and yellow building, located in the slump of LA. People walking on the streets stopped to see who was inside the limo. Hank opened the door and helped Luis out, then Sheridan. Sheridan was dressed in a short red dress that fit her curves perfectly. It left room for no imagination. Luis did not like the way the guys around them were ogling his girl. Luis was dressed in his usually suit, but without his tie he usually wore. Sheridan had convinced him to live “dangerously” once and awhile and enjoy life.
    Sheridan reached out her hand and entwined his fingers with hers. She walked into the building. Luis stared at his surroundings. People were spray-painting the inside walls and no one seemed to care. There was a group of people on the dance floor dancing to hard rock music and dancing provocatively. Luis wondered what Sheridan actually did here.
    Sheridan walked up to the bar with Luis following close behind. He was used to people looking at him, but these stares left him unsure about everyone’s attentions. He knew he should be careful around these people because his father always reminded him to stay away from those of status below him. ‘They are only after you money.’ He remembered his father always saying.
    “Hey Pop, is Gwen in here?” Sheridan asked the bald old scraggly man at the bar.
    “Not since yesterday, but she should be here soon I am sure.” The man answered.
    Sheridan gave him a smile and returned her attention back to Luis.
    “Well, I wanted you to meet some of my friends, but they aren’t here right now. Maybe you will have a chance to meet them later if they come later.” She said with disappointment. “Lets dance, baby.” Sheridan grabbed his hand and led him to the dance floor.
    “Sher, I don’t know how to dance to this type of music?” And by coincidence, the music suddenly slowed. Angel, by Shaggy started.
    “Luis, all you have to do is sway to the music.” They started swaying to the music and Luis was enjoying dancing so close to Sheridan.
    He listened to the words and couldn’t believe who the words fit Sheridan. She was definitely his angel. He looked into her eyes and found himself drowning again in her blue eyes. She instinctively moved closer to him and laid her head on his right shoulder. They swayed to the music. Luis put his nose in her hair and inhaled her scent, the smell of her perfume lingered.
    *End Flashback*
    Sheridan’s stirring brought Luis out of his flashback. He looked down at her and saw her blue eyes open.
    “How long have you been awake?” Sheridan yawned and stretched.
    “Not long. I’ve just been lying here thinking about yesterday.” He grinned. Sheridan also recalled about what happened after their visit to The Blue Banana.
    Luis and Sheridan walked into the penthouse at about one in the morning; both drunk, considering how much they had to drink at the club. Both were grabbing each other and giving each other advances. Both knew that their love making tonight was going to be more than intense. It was going to be fast and furious. Their need was so apparent that Luis just opened up the door, picked up Sheridan, threw shut the door, and ran into the bedroom for their lovemaking to begin.
    Within a matter of seconds, clothes were thrown throughout the room and Luis and Sheridan were naked under the covers, exploring each other.
    Luis poised to enter her and in one quick thrust, he thrusted into her. The pace they set was fast and furious, just what they wanted. Sheridan felt the climax approaching and was screaming at Luis, “Faster Baby.”
    Their climaxes came and sent them floating through the stars.
    *End Flashback*
    Sheridan blushed just recalling the previous night’s events.
    “You could be at the door.” Sheridan asked.
    “I have no idea, but it better be for a good reason.” Luis said frustrated. He would rather of had a chance to pick up where they left off last night. Luis got up and put the hotel’s bulky robe. So did Sheridan and they went to answer the door.
    When they opened they door, they were surprised to see BETH.
    Chapter Twenty-Five
    “Beth, what do you want?” Luis said in an annoyed voice. Sheridan tightened the sash on her robe.
    “I am surprised.” Beth said while looking Luis up and down, sending a wave of jeolousy wash over Sheridan.
    “What do you mean, Beth?” Luis said while his teeth clutched together and his hands formed to fists.
    “You never had a fling last this long before.” She said while batting her eyes at Luis. Sheridan couldn’t take it anymore and she stepped into the conversation.
    “How dare you?” Sheridan had her arms crossed in front of her and giving Beth the “you’re dead’ stare. Beth couldn’t help but not shiver at her look.
    “Beth, I LOVE SHERIDAN, not you. So please leave.” Beth just stood there inside the doorframe so Luis or Sheridan couldn’t shut the door on her face.
    “I am not leaving until I get what I want.” Beth took on the look of seducer. Sheridan was furious at Beth.
    “You better leave now before I do something I will regret.” Sheridan spat at Beth.
    “That wouldn’t be a threat is it.” Beth said getting angry.
    “You be….” Luis stepped in between them and tried to stop the spat that was about to break out.
    “Beth, I told you we were through and I mean it.” He was trying his best to stop the rage that was building in Sheridan. He knew by her eyes just how much rage was there.
    “Luis, I don’t want it to be over. I love you.” Beth said coming down from her rage and now was showing signs of weakness. She was actually crying.
    “Beth, I love Sheridan. Get over it.”
    “You always come back to me after a few days of your flings. Why does this one matter more to you than anything?”
    “I have never had a fling with anyone, now quit trying to ruin my relationship with Sheridan.”
    Sheridan had heard enough of the conversation and went up to Beth, right in her face.
    “Get the hell out, NOW!!” She pushed Beth out the door and slammed it. Luis knew she was livid by the way she stormed up to Beth and by the way her foot was tapping on the ground as she studied Luis.
    “So you have had many other FLINGS? Is that all I am too? I should have known better than to fall in love with you.”
    Sheridan stormed into the bedroom, she and Luis had just vacated a few minutes ago. Luis tried to follow her, but got the door slammed in his face. He could hear Beth still pounding on the other door.
    ‘Man, doesn’t she ever give up?’ Luis thought. “Sher, open up baby.” Luis could hear her crying on the other side of the door.
    ‘Time, I will give her time and then talk to her.’ Luis thought as he walked into the bar area and grabbed a bottle of vodka out of the wet bar.


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