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    Chapter Twenty-Six
    “Hotel Security. Yes, I have a problem with a woman who keeps pounding on my door and won’t leave. Penthouse. Thank you.” Luis hung up the phone, hoping now that Beth would get the hint and leave.
    He heard the ding from the elevator and Beth’s voice pleading with the security guards outside the door. He couldn’t help but not chuckle at the guards lifting Beth up and dragging her into the elevator.
    His chuckle stopped when he heard the bedroom door open and saw Sheridan’s red eyes and a tear trail still visible on her cheek.
    “Luis, we need to talk.” Sheridan walked over to the sofa and sat down, hoping Luis would follow her.
    “Def..defnitly.” He slurred. The vodka was now in effect.
    Sheridan looked over at the wet bar and saw tiny empty vodka bottles all over.
    “Luis, you didn’t drink all that, did you?” already knowing the answer.
    “So what if I did. I needed to drown my sorrows in something.” Luis never drank so much in his life before.
    “You can get sick with all that you had to drink.” Sheridan was furious with him.
    “What do you care?” The alcohol was making Luis more moody than usual.
    “I do care, more than you know.” Sheridan crossed her arms in front of her, giving Luis her famous stare.
    “Really? Is that why you stormed out here when Beth trying to make you turn against me?” His words were becoming mumbled together.
    “Why do I even bother with you?” Sheridan asked.
    “I don’t know. You tell me.”
    Sheridan suddenly began to cry again, letting her anger cool. Luis hated seeing her cry, so he too began to cool down.
    “I so sorry, baby. I would never intentionally hurt you.” Luis wrapped his arms around her, bringing her closer to him. Sheridan cried into his shoulder.
    “I know Luis, but when Beth said I was just another fling, it hurt me. I have always had my heart broken and I can’t live like that anymore.”
    She heard silence from Luis. When she looked up, she saw Luis passed out from all the alcohol he consumed.
    “You sleep, we can talk tomorrow.” Sheridan kissed him on the cheek and laid him down on the sofa, covering him up with a thin blanket.
    Sheridan walked over to the door and looked into the peephole, making sure it wasn’t Beth again.
    When she looked out, she saw Pilar, Martin, Antonio, Theresa, and two other people she didn’t recognize.
    She opened the door.
    “Hello Sheridan. We thought we would surprise Luis.” Pilar said.
    “He is sleeping right now, but please come in.”
    The family walked in and saw Luis on the sofa. He was mumbling something in his sleep.
    “Sheridan, mmm.” Sheridan instantly blushed a deep shade of red.
    “Luis, wake up.” She was trying to get him to wake up.
    “Sleeping” was all Luis would say.
    “You does this all the time when someone tries to wake him up,” Pilar said.
    “LUIS” Sheridan said while giving Luis a pinch in the butt, that didn’t go unnoticed by the family.
    “OUCH!” Luis instantly woke up and stared at Sheridan.
    “We have company.” Sheridan motioned her eyes for Luis to look at his family. He was still groggy from all the alcohol.
    “Mama, papa, why are there two of you?”
    Pilar and Martin both looked at each other, puzzled. Luis suddenly had the urge to vomit and ran to the bathroom.
    Everyone laughed at Luis.
    “He had too much to drink.” Sheridan said.
    “Luis drink?” The young petite dark haired, brown-eyed girl asked.
    “I have never seen Luis drink before. What have you done to him Sheridan?” Theresa asked.
    “Probably trying to get money out of him.” Antonio grumbled.
    “Sorry mama.” Antonio said.
    All of a sudden, they heard someone moaning in the bedroom. Sheridan went to go check it out, with everyone else behind her. There they saw Luis passed out on the bed.
    Chapter 27
    “Where is my camera?” laughed Miguel.
    “MIJO. This is not funny.” Pilar scolded Miguel, but couldn’t help laughing at Luis.
    The family turned to Sheridan and Pilar asked, “How have you been Sheridan?”
    “I am good.” Sheridan used quick short answers to the family’s questions. She was so nervous and not to have Luis present during the “interrogation” made her even more nervous.
    Pilar sensed her nervousness and tried to make her feel right at home.
    “Sheridan, I don’t think you met Luis’ sisters and brothers.”
    “I have met Theresa and Antonio.” Sheridan said.
    “This is Paloma and Miguel.” Pilar said while pointing to the strangers Sheridan had noticed when they walked in.
    “Tell me how you and Luis met.” Paloma asked.
    Antonio muffled under his breath, “Oh brother.” Pilar nudged Antonio in the side for him to be quiet.
    Luis stopped his car right by the sidewalk. “Excuse me. Can you tell me where I can find Beverly Hills?”
    After hearing a voice behind her, Sheridan turns around and gazes at the most gorgeous brown eyes she has ever seen. “Did you say something?” Sheridan asked, unable to stop staring at him.
    Luis chuckled and said, “Yeah, I am looking for Beverly Hills. Can you give me directions on how to get there?” Luis couldn’t help but think she was beautiful. He just kept staring into her blue eyes.
    He was lost in her eyes when he heard her say, “Sure but it is going to cost ya.”
    “You can’t be serious. Fine I will find it myself. Thanks anyway.”
    Luis was just about to drive off when Sheridan said, “Don’t worry about it. I will show you where to go.”
    Luis got a questioned look on his face. “Show? What do you mean?”
    “Well, it is easier to get there if you have someone with you who knows where they are going. Right?”
    “I guess. Hop on in.” Luis unlocked the door and Sheridan hopped in.
    *End Flashback*
    “That was so cute.” Theresa said. Theresa had the dreamy look in her eyes and was about to say, “Theresa, don’t even say FATE.” Paloma interrupted.
    The family laughed and Sheridan couldn’t help, but feel like part of the family.
    “I knew your mother, Sheridan.” Pilar said, noticing Sheridan smile with the simple mention of her mother.
    “You did.” Sheridan had the brightest smile that could light up the room.
    “She was my best friend in boarding school and we continued being friends up until the day she died.”
    “I don’t remember you being around when I was young.”
    “Well, Alistair never allowed it. When she became engaged to your father….”
    “Katherine, Why don’t you just leave Alistair? You don’t want to move to LA.” A twenty-year-old Pilar said.
    “You know I can’t do that. This marriage was arranged. I am stuck with him till the day I die.” Katherine spat.
    “I don’t know why we can’t stay in touch at least.”
    “Alistair is going to be my husband and I have to obey his wishes.”
    “Will you at least write to me if you have any children and how your life is going?”
    “You bet.” Katherine hugged Pilar, the last hug they gave each other.
    *End Flashback*
    Sheridan had tears flowing from her cheeks, as did Pilar.
    “She never told me any of that.” Sheridan sniffled.
    “She wanted you to have a happy life.” Pilar said.
    “If my father didn’t like you, then why was I arranged to marry Luis?”
    “Because I married Martin.”
    Pilar could see the confused look on Sheridan’s face.
    “Martin is like Alistair. Powerful, famous, and loaded with money.”
    “Was yours an arranged marriage?”
    “Heaven’s NO. I loved Martin. My family was happy that I chose Martin, but I didn’t choose him for his money or power. I loved him for him and that is what I wanted for my son. However, when Martin said it was you, he had arranged marriage with; I couldn’t help but not think about Katherine. I thought I could protect you if you were in New York and away from your father.”
    “Oh Pilar.” Sheridan and Pilar embraced in a hug, tears flowing down both their faces.
    Hours had gone by and Luis was still passed out on the bed. The Lopez-Fitzgeralds were getting to know Sheridan, hoping that she would someday be family. Sheridan felt like she belonged for the first time to a real family. Pilar and her had found a connection, her mother.
    The door to the bedroom squeaked open and Luis walked out with the look of death on his face. Pilar could tell that her son had one major hangover.
    “Luis, it is good to see you up.” Pilar said.
    “Yeah son, I need to talk with you about umm…business.” Martin said.
    “Papa, I am not in the mood for business.” Luis wined.
    Martin took Luis’ hand and guiding him back to the bedroom. Antonio and Miguel followed, shutting the door behind them.
    Sheridan looked at the girls and asked, “What is going on?”
    “Forget about them. We have something to ask you?” Paloma said. The girls crowded around Sheridan, asking her what they hoped would become true.

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    Re: Pretty Woman

    Chapter Twenty-Eight
    “Forget about them. We have something to ask you?” Paloma said.
    “What do you want to ask me?” Sheridan asked wearily.
    “Well, we have all noticed a change in Luis, one for the better.” Theresa said.
    “What do you mean a change?” Sheridan wasn’t sure at what they were getting at.
    “Luis was never one to forget about a business deal. He was always into the right of the family.” Paloma said.
    “That is right. He hasn’t even thought about going after your family since the two of you have been together.” Pilar added.
    “What does this have to do with me?” Sheridan was having many different thoughts going through her mind about why Luis’ family was there in the first place and why the girls wanted to talk to her.
    “This has everything to do with you Sheridan.” Theresa smiled at Sheridan, a dopey smile. Sheridan had already realized that Theresa was the dreamer, the one that believed that love changed everything about a person.
    Paloma was the girl that had her goals set. Her motto was if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. She didn’t believe in fate, like Theresa did.
    Pilar was the sweetest woman Sheridan had ever met, and now to know of the connection her mother had with Pilar made Sheridan’s bond with her even stronger.
    Sheridan wasn’t sure what to think about Martin. He just sat there on the sofa a few minutes earlier before he hauled Luis and the boys into the bedroom. He seemed to listen to what Pilar said and made sure to follow her orders even though he wanted everyone to believe he was boss.
    Antonio was the troublemaker. He was constantly competing for his parents’ attention. She learned that about him from the few times she had met him.
    Miguel was the caring little brother. He seemed to make sure anyone of his family members were taken care of, just like Luis.
    ‘Luis’ She thought. She looked at the closed bedroom door and wondered what was going on in there.
    She was completely in a daze about what Pilar, Theresa, and Paloma were talking about.
    “Sheridan?” Theresa asked. “Are you ok?”
    Sheridan broke out of her daze and looked back at the group in front of her. Theresa had that look on her again, the one that said fate.
    “What?” Sheridan finally managed to stutter out.
    “You were thinking about Luis, weren’t you?” Theresa was going to be the death of Sheridan yet.
    “How can you tell?” Sheridan said turning a bright shade of red.
    “Don’t worry about Theresa, Sheridan. She has her head so far up in the clouds most of the time, no one pays attention to her.” Paloma spat out.
    “What was it that you wanted to ask me?” Sheridan said while gaining back some of her composure.
    “We want you to marry Luis.” Pilar said very bluntly.
    Inside the bedroom, Luis was listening to his father talk about business, but Martin seemed to be hinting at something else as well.
    “So my son. It is important to the business that you help bring down Mr. Crane and his business.”
    “I can’t do that, Papa. I am not going to ruin my chance at a future with Sheridan, one that I can be happy with.” Luis was letting his temper rise.
    “You can be with Sheridan and I can have the company.” Martin said.
    “Why little brother, don’t you understand anything?” Antonio asked annoyed. Why did he have to be here? He still thought Sheridan was nothing, but a whore after the family’s money.
    “Antonio, stay out of this.” Martin yelled. Miguel was sitting on the bed listening to his brothers argue with their dad about business. One thing was for sure and that was he was going to stay out of it.
    “Papa, I don’t see how I could still be with Sheridan and you have her family’s company.”
    “It is easy. All you have to do is have Sheridan agree to have the company changed into her name and you can marry her. That way it is really a part of your company as well, and you also get to be married to her.”
    “Marriage? I know this is too soon for the both of us to be getting married, and how about if she doesn’t agree with your idea?”
    “She will, otherwise I will have to destroy the company and sell little sections of the stock to make a better profit.” Martin was letting his temper rise as well.
    “Yeah, don’t worry Luis. Sheridan said she wanted the company to remain the way it is so she had something for her to remember her mother by.” Antonio spat.
    Luis and Martin both yelled, “SHUT UP!”
    Antonio fell silent. Miguel was having a hard time trying to hold in his laughter. He knew what was going on in the next room as well. On the way over here, Theresa had let it slipped out that the girls were going to try to convince Sheridan to marry Luis, and here Luis was almost getting the same lecture, just for different reasons.
    The coincidence of things.
    Chapter Twenty-Nine
    “You want me to marry Luis?” Sheridan asked with her eyes bulging out. She thought she had heard them wrong. I mean marriage was a big responsibility and two people who are in love with each other should decide about marriage. Here Luis’ family was the one doing the proposing.
    “Yes Sheridan.” Theresa said. “We want you to marry Luis.”
    “Come on Sheridan. We know you love each other. Why not just ask Luis yourself. This isn’t the fifties anymore.” Paloma said after agreeing with her sister.
    Pilar stood up from the white chair to the left of the sofa and sat down next to Sheridan. “I told your mother I would look after you before she passed away. That is not why I am asking you to marry Luis; I just want what is best for all my children. And I consider you one of my children Sheridan.” Pilar cried out.
    Sheridan had tears in her eyes and she couldn’t stop them from falling down her face.
    “I don’t know if I can marry Luis. I want to marry someone who wants to marry me. I don’t want to pressure him into something he doesn’t want.” Sheridan kept on ramblings, thinking of any excuse to get them to back off of this ridiculous proposal.
    Pilar put her finger to Sheridan’s mouth to get her to stop rambling. “Sheridan, if my son didn’t love you then why would he still have you living here with him?”
    “Because he feels sorry for me.” She answered quietly
    “Sher, come on. I don’t think Luis would sleep with just anyone.” Theresa said very bluntly.
    “Mija.” Pilar scolded. “You have no right interfering in the sex life.”
    Sheridan turned bright red. She hadn’t realized that they knew Luis slept with her. ‘Well wait, Beth did see them together. Maybe she told them.’ Sheridan thought.
    “No need to get embarrassed Sheridan.” Paloma said. “We all learned to ignore Theresa here.”
    Sheridan couldn’t help but laugh with the rest of them. She felt totally free.
    Maybe she could go through with this after all. They already considered her family and she did the same. All she had to wait for now was telling her father that she plans on marrying Luis and of course she had to tell the groom to be.
    Luis paced the bedroom floor. What was his family thinking, marrying Sheridan for her company? He loved her and WHEN he was ready to ask her, he would. He didn’t want his family to hurry him up. But the more he thought about marrying Sheridan now, the more it appealed to him.
    “I don’t know, Papa.” Luis said. Antonio was still sitting there on the bed with Miguel, hoping Luis wasn’t going to agree with this. He wanted to destroy that company right in front of Sheridan and her family. After all, it was her family that ruined his life.
    *Antonio’s Flashback*
    “Antonio, that was the best time I ever had.” Kimberly Crane said. They had just enjoyed the best time at the beach. Kimberly was the cousin to Sheridan through Alistair. Sheridan and Kimberly were always close until Sheridan’s uncle, Alfred married her off.
    Antonio nibbled on her ear lobe. Kimberly let out the cutest giggle he ever heard. He was head over heels in love with her. Antonio had walked Kimberly to her family’s mansion when the door suddenly opened.
    There stood Alfred Crane, tapping his foot on the marble floor in the walk in. He grabbed Kimberly so fast and pushed her inside.
    Kimberly stretched out her arms for Antonio to grab her; But Alfred pushed away Antonio’s arms and yelled, “Damn Latin trash. Stay away from my daughter.” He slammed the door and that was the last he heard from Kimberly.
    Of course, he read in the newspaper a few weeks later that she had married Travis Webster, the wealthy owner of many fine grape vine orchards in California.
    Antonio was devastated and planned to get revenge on the entire Crane family.
    *End Flashback*
    Antonio sat there and wondered what Kimberly was doing now. ‘Probably has some spoiled brats by now.’ He thought bitterly. He stopped daydreaming and began concentrating on his plan to ruin Sheridan Crane’s life.
    Luis was still pacing and was wearing out the carpet from all his pacing around.
    “Luis, you know she is the one. Why not speed up the process of beginning your life with her?” Miguel suggested.
    “It is easier said then done, Miguel.” Luis spat. He was becoming easily frustrated.
    “Son, why don’t you think about it for awhile and tell me your decision after the Polo game. You are going, aren’t you?” Martin asked.
    “I forgot about that Papa, but yes I will be there.”
    “What about Sheridan?” Antonio asked. He needed to know if he could get Sheridan alone for a while and start his plan.
    “Yes, I am sure Sheridan will come with me.”
    “Well, why not ask her? We need to leave now if we are going.” Martin said.
    Sheridan heard the door creep open and out popped Luis and the rest of the boys. Luis seemed to have something on his mind. For some reason Sheridan could sense that about him.
    Luis walked over to Sheridan and held her right hand. He was nervous about something.
    “My family would like to know if you would like to come with us to a Polo game.” Luis asked.
    Sheridan was somewhat disappointed that he didn’t ask what she wanted him to ask.
    She smiled at him and said, “I wouldn’t miss it.”
    Luis smiled his million-dollar smile right back at her. She felt a wave of happiness rush over her.
    “Do you know what polo is Sheridan?” Theresa asked.
    Sheridan blushed; she was embarrassed to say that she had no idea what it is. Luis sensed that she had no idea what it was and he squeezed her hand for reassurance.
    Sheridan squeezed it back and looked at Luis. Pilar and the girls knew that this was true love and they would be together by the end of the night, if they had anything to say about it.
    Luis looked back at his family and said, “Well, lets go. We don’t want to miss this.”
    The Lopez-Fitzgerald family walked out of the penthouse. The girls and Miguel hoping that true love would win today. Martin hoping for a business merger, and Antonio hoping for revenge.
    What was this day going to come to?

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    Re: Pretty Woman

    Chapter Thirty
    Sheridan was snuggled in bed with Luis spooning, thinking about her day with Luis and the rest of the family. She had never been to a polo game and now after witnessing it, she wondered what others saw in it.
    She had fun, but she kept getting this feeling that all was not what it seemed with Luis and his family. Luis had something on his mind that was sure. After all, falling from the divots you are supposed to be repairing was the major clue. She wasn’t sure how many times he had fallen and taken her down with him. But as much fun Luis was when he realized he had fallen down again and laughed hysterically, Sheridan knew he was holding out on something. ‘What was on his mind?’ She thought as she turned to face Luis, getting out of her spooning position.
    What was on any of his family’s mind? Antonio kept a watchful eye on her. She kept getting the chills at just thinking about the look he was giving her. It was the look of death. Just what was his problem with her and her family? She was hoping that by now, Antonio would have accepted her as Luis’ love, but after a week with Luis, she soon found out that was never going to happen.
    ‘A week had passed.’ Sher thought absentmindedly and soon realized that Luis was leaving in two days to go back to New York. The thought pained her. How would she get on without the love of her life? They never had discussed what would happen when he was to leave. Tears started falling from her cheeks and running down her face and hitting her white pillow, clearly showing each and every spot tears had hit.
    Luis woke up from what seemed to be Sheridan crying. He opened his eyes and saw the tears flowing down her cheeks. What had made her so upset? He thought that she had a wonderful day with his family and was hoping that there would be more like that.
    Luis lifted his right hand and wiped away the tears that were falling. Sheridan opened her eyes and there were Luis’ beautiful brown eyes, staring back at her. He had this look in his eyes that Sheridan had never seen. He looked like he was in pain himself. Never had anyone felt this way about her that whenever she was in pain so was he. He loved her that much. But what Sheridan couldn’t figure out was why hadn’t Luis asked her to go with him or tell her that he was staying with her.
    “Sher, what is wrong?” Luis asked very concerned.
    “Nothing Luis. Just go back to sleep.” Sheridan said while turning around in the bed, so she wasn’t facing Luis.
    “There is something wrong otherwise you wouldn’t be upset and it hurts to see you like this.” Sheridan turned around again and stared at Luis.
    “Do you realize that you are leaving in two days to go back to New York? What is going to happen to us?” Luis finally realized why she was upset. She had thought that he was just going to leave her.
    He wasn’t leaving her. All day long, he kept on thinking of the perfect way to ask her to move in with him in New York. Sure it wasn’t the marriage proposal he wanted to give her, but he thought she wasn’t ready to get married and neither was he at this point. They HAD just met a week ago.
    “I was thinking about that today Sher.” Luis said as his eyes connected with hers again. “This isn’t the perfect way I was hoping to do this..but…” Sheridan was hoping her proposal was coming, but it never came.
    “I was hoping that you would come back to New York with me. I could get you an apartment and a job.” Luis quickly blurted out. Sheridan sat there stunned.
    “You are going to get me a job and an apartment.” She said stunned.
    “It will get you off the streets.” Luis quickly realized he had made a mistake as he had seen anger flash across Sheridan’s face.
    “I don’t believe you. Here I thought you loved me. Boy am I stupid.” She quickly got out of bed, ran into the bathroom, and slammed the door.
    Luis was in for it now.
    Chapter Thirty-One
    Sheridan woke up, still on the bathroom floor. She felt like her whole world was falling apart. She rose from the bathroom floor, opened the door, and looked around the bedroom. Luis was nowhere to be found.
    “Where did he go?” Sheridan said aloud. It wasn’t like him to leave her without letting her know. Maybe she could call the office and see if he was there. No she wasn’t going to do that, she couldn’t make herself seem needy to Luis and he offered her another house, car, and who knows what else. Why couldn’t he just understand that all she wanted was his heart, his everlasting love, her fairy tale?
    Sheridan decided she couldn’t stay in the penthouse another night. It would just hurt her more than ever. She needed to leave as soon as possible. She quickly went back into the bathroom and took a shower.
    When she was getting dressed, she kept looking around the room, memories invading her mind.
    Once the elevator was closed, they started kissing each other passionately. Their lips were everywhere, on the lips, face, neck, and Luis even started pulling down the straps to Sheridan’s dress and kissing her there. When the doors opened, they pulled away from each other and looked into each other’s eyes. It was like they were looking into each other’s hearts and souls. One look into their eyes both knew what was going to happen next. Luis entwined his fingers with hers and walked to THEIR hotel room.
    Once the door was opened, Luis picked Sheridan up and headed towards the bedroom. They just looked at each other, loving the new feelings that were unleashed.
    *End Flashback*
    Just thinking about that night of pure passion, the love they felt for each other brought so much sadness to Sheridan. How could things end like this? They were so happy until Luis decided to BUY her things instead of loving her, something she needed desperately.
    Where was she going to go now? Could she call her family after all these years and pretend nothing happened? How could she get on with her life without Luis?
    More memories flooded Sheridan’s mind.
    Luis and Sheridan were busy drying each other off and giving little butterfly kisses on the lips every once and awhile. Once they were completely dried off, Luis picked up Sheridan and opened the bathroom door.
    The next thing Luis knew was that he had a surprise waiting.
    “Luis you ordered room service. How sweet.” Sheridan said.
    “Sher, I didn’t do this. They must have brought it to the wrong room.”
    “Well it is here now, so lets enjoy it. By the way, what is that surprise you told me about?”
    “You will just have to wait and see, baby?” And they began to kiss.
    *End Flashback*
    Sheridan was going to lose control if she stayed in the hotel room any longer. She quickly starting throwing her clothes in a suitcase she found in the closet.
    The doorbell brought Sheridan out of her state and she quickly closed the suitcase and brought it out into the sitting area. She set it down by the bar and went to answer the door. There stood Antonio, the disturbing smile plastered on his face scared Sheridan. What was he up to?
    “Antonio, what are you doing here?” Sheridan asked while quickly walking away.
    Antonio shut the door behind him and stared at her. It was unnerving.
    “I am looking for my golly of a brother.” Antonio spat.
    “And all this time, I thought it was you.” Sheridan smirked. “What did Luis do that you are so upset about?”
    “Before my brother met you, he didn’t blow off million dollar deals for some woman. He is helping your family, THE CRANES, get back on their feet.” Antonio’s fury was coming forth.
    “What problem do you have with my family?” Sheridan did her stance, the arms folded across the chest, her foot tapping.
    “They took Kimberly away from me.” Antonio stood there eying her.
    “You are the one Kimberly is in love with?”
    “We were in love until your family married her off.”
    “My uncle did, not the rest of my family. And by the way, she divorced him after she caught him in bed with the housekeeper.” Sheridan said as she walked to the bar and took out a bottle of vodka. She gulped it down and Antonio stood there watching her.
    He seemed apprehensive to ask this question, but he needed to know. “Do you know where she is?”
    “Yes, I do. In fact, I am moving in with her after I get my bags down stairs.” Sheridan said.
    “But I thought Luis was going to marry you? He proposed, didn’t he?”
    Sheridan stood there speechless. Was Luis really going to propose to her? And when?
    Sheridan couldn’t think about that, she needed to get out. As she grabbed her suitcase, Luis walked through the doors, spotting Sheridan with a suitcase and Antonio on the sofa, looking like his life was happy again.
    “Where do you think you are going Sheridan?”

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    Re: Pretty Woman

    Chapter Thirty-Two
    “Where do you think you are going?” Luis asked concerned. He looked around the room and saw everything of hers gone from where it was, all in suitcases. Antonio was sitting on the sofa, a smile plastered on his face.
    “Luis!” Sheridan said surprised. She wasn’t expecting him here when she left. This made it even the more harder than before. How could she just walk out of the love of her life? She had too. He wasn’t going to marry her. No matter what Antonio said before about Luis asking her, if he was serious about asking her he would have done it already. Instead, he asked him to move to New York with him, but this was not even in the same apartment. He had said he would get her an apartment and I job. “I wasn’t expecting you here this early.”
    Luis was getting furious. Sheridan was leaving him, and why was Antonio here with a smile plastered on his face. ‘That golly , finally convinced her to leave him.’ Thoughts were floating through Luis’ mind. ‘Maybe Sher doesn’t love me as much as I love her. She wouldn’t leave me if she loved me. Was Antonio right? Are the Cranes users?’ “I can see that, but you didn’t answer my question.” Sheridan could see anger and hurt in his eyes. She couldn’t face him anymore, so she bent her head down to the floor.
    Luis turned to Antonio. “So you finally convince Sheridan to leave me, huh?”
    “Luis, I did no such thing. I am here wondering why you let go of a million-dollar deal.” Antonio’s anger soon matched Luis’.
    “I didn’t want to ruin a GREAT chance I had with someone, but someone else messed it up on me.” Sheridan knew Luis was talking about her. If he truly felt that way, then why doesn’t he ask her?
    When Sheridan turned her head back to Luis and Antonio, she saw them no longer standing and arguing, this time the were on the floor fighting like little boys do. Sheridan couldn’t help but laugh at the scene. Here were two boys still trying to beat each other at their own games.
    Sher just stood there watching the scene in front of her. Her mind wondered and she started picturing a scene like this with two little boys in a bedroom. The two little boys were replicas of Luis. Sheridan snapped out of her dream when she realized she was dreaming about her and Luis’ children. ‘Stop it Sheridan. It will never happen.’
    When Sheridan turned her attention back to Luis and Antonio, they were not on the floor anymore, but Luis had Antonio by the collar of his shirt, throwing him out. The door slammed shut and Sheridan flinched. She knew this was going to be the hardest part yet.
    “Sheridan” Luis said, his voice calming down. “Why are you leaving me?” He had tears forming in his eyes. Sheridan knew that if she didn’t leave soon, she would lose all nerve and stay with him in a life she didn’t want.
    “I can’t stay Luis.” Sheridan said with a shaky voice.
    “Why not?” Luis was choking back the sobs that were ready to escape.
    “I want my fairy tail, not some apartment and job. I’m sorry.” Sher said as she picked up her suitcases and walked to the door. Luis quickly got up and walked to the door. Sheridan opened the door, and turned to face Luis.
    “Please Sher, at least stay the last night with me?” Luis was pleading. He needed her, forever. If he could only get the last 24 hours to convince her to stay with him.
    “This will only be harder tomorrow. I need to go.”
    “But where are you going?” Luis asked concerned that she would be back on the streets.
    “My cousin Kimberly has a house here in Beverly Hills. I will be staying with her.”
    “Oh.” Luis couldn’t believe she had this all planned out already. She was actually leaving him. “Can I ask you a question, Sheridan?”
    “Sure Luis.” She smiled at him, making his heart flutter.
    “Why was Antonio here with you?” Sheridan knew Luis was jealous.
    “Antonio was here asking where you were because of the meeting you guys had and then he finally told me why he hates me so much.”
    “Why does Antonio hate you so much?” Luis asked curious.
    “The girl he lost was Kimberly Crane, my cousin.” Luis now knew why Antonio was out to get the Cranes. He had lost the woman of his dreams and Luis was about to have the same thing happen to him, another Crane. “I should be going now.” Sheridan walked out into the hallway, pushing the elevator button going down.
    Tears slowly slipped down her cheeks as the elevator door opened. She walked in and said, “Good bye Luis.” And the doors closed.
    “I love you Sheridan. Good bye and I hope you find your happiness.” He whispered into the silent hallway.
    Chapter Thirty-Three
    Luis sat on the sofa, Antonio staring at him. Antonio had come back shortly after Sheridan left. He had never seen Luis so down.
    Luis took another gulp of the Brandy bottle in his hands. Antonio could smell the liquor all over him. The room was getting the same distinct smell Luis’ body reeked of.
    “Luis, you can’t drown your sorrows for too long.” Antonio said hoping Luis would quit drinking enough to let Antonio speak. Luis looked over at Antonio and gave the “leave me alone” look. Antonio sighed, hoping that eventually he would quit drinking otherwise Antonio was whipping that bottle out of the window.
    “Luis, look at yourself. You know if you were smart, you would have proposed to her like you wanted.
    Luis finally put the bottle down and glared at Antonio. “I asked her to move to New York with me and she turned me down. What makes you think she would want to marry me?” Luis scowled.
    “Maybe because she was talking to mama, Theresa, and Paloma about it.” Luis quickly turned to look Antonio in the eyes.
    “Are you positive?” He asked, with hope shining in his eyes. Antonio chuckled at his little brother. Why didn’t he see sooner that Luis and Sheridan belonged together? Antonio was hoping for a reunion with his love, Kimberly. If Sheridan and Luis got back together, then maybe Sheridan will help get Antonio back for her. Antonio was deliriously happy for Luis and himself.
    “What do you mean am I positive? I was at dinner last night with the family while they discussed you marrying Sheridan.”
    Luis suddenly got sad again thinking that he blew his chance with his love. She left him and there was nothing he could do about it.
    “Luis, what’s wrong?” Antonio asked concerned for his brother’s sudden change in emotions.
    “She left me and I have no idea where she is.” Luis sighed.
    Antonio got a grin on his face. “Well, I do know the name of the person she is staying with and I happened to take the same cab as Sheridan last night, so I do know where she is.”
    Luis smiled happily. All he had to do now was go out there and buy her a ring. Then go to where she was at and propose. “Well, where is she?”
    “She is with her cousin Kimberly Crane, not too far from here.”
    “Kimberly?” Luis asked, knowing that name sounded familiar to him.
    Antonio went into the evening explaining Luis all about Kimberly and how much he wanted her back. The rain outside stopped at sunrise, clearly displaying that today was going to be a beautiful day.
    Luis woke up on the sofa with Antonio in the recliner. Both had stayed up late discussing how their lives would change after today. The brothers now had a stronger bond than before.
    Luis and Antonio left the penthouse, going ring shopping for Luis’ hopefully bride to be. Only Sheridan would be able to answer that one question Luis was hoping she would say yes too.
    Would she?

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    Re: Pretty Woman

    Chapter Thirty-Four
    Sheridan had arrived at Kimberly’s house, the rain pouring as she stepped out of the cab. Antonio had driven with her, so he could see where his love lived. It was a medium size house for Beverly Hills, a simple brick house with the cute white picket fence. You would never know a Crane lived there. Of course Antonio never imagined Sheridan to be as sweet and caring as Kimberly was.
    The cab took of once Sheridan’s bags were out of the trunk. She waved bye to Antonio, stepped up to the door, and knocked waiting for her cousin to answer. Sheridan was beyond felling heartbreak when she arrived at Kimberly’s door. When the door opened, Kimberly saw the tears streaming her cousin’s face. She escorted Sheridan inside the house and closed the door.
    Tears were streaming down Sheridan’s face, as she was telling her cousin all about the love of her life and how she walked out on him. She however, did not mention the fact that he was a Lopez-Fitzgerald. She was going to wait until the time was right to mention the fact that she was in love with the brother of Kimberly’s love, Antonio.
    “It’s going to be ok Sheridan. We are going to have the time of our lives.” Kimberly whispered in her cousin’s ear, trying to sooth her.
    “But I want the time of my life to be with Luis.” Sheridan sniffed.
    “It is late. Why don’t you go upstairs and get some sleep? I have the guest room all ready for you.”
    “I can’t sleep, not yet anyway. I just need to think.” Sheridan whispered. Sheridan suddenly was drawn to a photo on the mantle of the fireplace. It was a picture of a dark haired, brown-eyed boy. The identical resemblance to Luis and…
    “Oh my god. It can’t be.” Sheridan suddenly turned to face her cousin.
    “Who is that?” Sheridan said pointing to the photo.
    “Umm. That is….” Kimberly couldn’t just admit that she had hidden the fact that she had a son away from Sheridan, could she?
    “Out with it.” Sheridan said in a more firm tone, making sure her cousin knew she wanted the TRUTH.
    “He is my son.” Kimberly sighed.
    “YOU HAVE A SON?? And I didn’t know about this?” Sheridan asked almost not believing what she just heard.
    “I kept him a secret from a lot of the family. You know my ex husband wouldn’t allow me to leave him, so we pretended it was his and since our family doesn’t care about us unless it harms the family, they didn’t know.”
    “It isn’t his?” Sheridan said in a state of shock. “It is Antonio’s?”
    “Kimberly looked down, “Yes.”
    “Are you going to tell Antonio?” Sheridan asked.
    “It isn’t like you know him, so what do you care?” Her cousin snapped. Sheridan looked down at the floor.
    “You do know him? Where is he?” She asked getting excited.
    “Antonio is Luis’ brother.” Sheridan said, hearing her cousin get excited at the possible reunion to her true love. “You know what, I am getting tired. Can we talk about this in the morning?” Sheridan asked. She knew her cousin had a lot to think about.
    “Ok.” Kimberly whispered, just staring into space. Sheridan walked up the stairs and went to bed.
    The next day, Sheridan woke up to the sun shining brightly. ‘It stopped raining’ Sher thought in an almost happy mood. Maybe the sky was telling her happiness in the air, not for her, but for her cousin.
    Kimberly would soon be reunited with her love. Sheridan was hoping she too was going to be reunited with Luis, but she quickly chased that thought out of her mind.
    Sheridan walked down stairs to find a little boy watching cartoons in the living room. The same boy in the photo on the mantle. Sheridan walked up to him and bent down to his height.
    “What is your name?” She asked. The little boy was unsure how to react to a stranger in his house, but remembered his mother telling him that her cousin was coming over to stay with them.
    “I am Alexander Antonio.” The little boy whispered.
    Sheridan smiled and said, “Nice to meet you. I am Sheridan.” She smiled at him and he smiled back. He was definitely a Lopez-Fitzgerald. Kimberly came down and saw Sheridan with Alex.
    Suddenly the doorbell rang, and Kimberly went to get it.
    Sheridan heard an “ OH MY GOD!!” coming from her cousin. She was suddenly having a feeling to go to the door. She got up and when she did, she soon repeated the words of her cousin.
    “OH MY GOD!”
    Chapter Thirty-Five
    Luis looked around at all the engagement rings that now lay in front of him. He wanted to choose the best ring to adorn Sheridan’s finger.
    “How about this one Luis?” Antonio asked, picking up a huge diamond ring with littler diamonds on each side.
    “I think that it is too big. I want something simple to give to Sheridan.” Luis said while picking up a small diamond ring. It was perfect, simple, and beautiful. He couldn’t wait till he slipped this ring on her finger. If she said yes.
    “Now that you found the perfect ring, are you ready to become all sappy and propose?” Antonio said with a grin. Neither of the brothers could remember ever getting along so well since, they were kids.
    “I’m all ready.” He said with a huge grin.
    Luis looked out the window of Antonio’s red convertible. He kept seeing fathers out with their children, playing in the yard, while mothers looked on. The life he wanted with Sheridan.
    Luis then saw that Antonio had turned into a neighborhood. The neighborhood didn’t contain the rich mansions he was sure that Sheridan’s cousin lived in. They soon pulled up to a medium sized brick house, with a white picket fence.
    “This is where Sheridan is?” Luis asked stunned. She was in a normal sized house, not some mansion. Sheridan and her cousin were definitely not the average Cranes. Luis knew that Sheridan wasn’t, but he expected her cousin to be, since she was previously married to some rich man. Looks can be deceiving.
    Antonio shut off the engine and looked over at Luis. Luis had this nervous look to him, a look Antonio had never seen before. That was because Antonio had never seen his brother this much in love, not even with Beth.
    Luis slowly opened the car door and walked up to the door with Antonio right behind. He finally had enough courage to knock on the door. He heard someone sound like they were coming down the stairs and opened the door.
    A young woman looked over to Antonio and all she said was, “Oh my God.” Luis then heard someone else coming from around the corner. His eyes fell to his blond haired, blue-eyed angel. She too said, “Oh my God.” Luis couldn’t help, but chuckle at these two women.
    Sheridan tried to utter a comment to Luis, but failed miserably by just seeing him again in front of her, smiling that famous smile of his. “Lu-Lui-Luis. What are you doing here?”
    Luis reached his hand out to Sheridan, willing her to take it. She put her hand in his and electricity flowed through her hand, making her realize how much she missed his touch in just one day. Luis seemed relieved that she took his hand. Sheridan smiled at him and he smiled back, realizing even more what life will be like when she is his forever.
    “Antonio, can I borrow your car?” Luis asked, looking over to his brother and Kimberly Crane. They seemed to be lost in their own world. Antonio absentmindedly took the keys out of his pocket and handed them to Luis. Luis walked Sheridan to the passenger side door and helped her in. He was being such a gentleman. Luis got into the driver seat and backed out of the driver way. The two sat in the car in silence as Luis drove off into an unknown destination.
    “Luis, where are we?” Sheridan asked as she looked around. They were no longer in Beverly Hills, but what seemed to be a beautiful garden filled with flowers.
    “I thought we could come here, no that’s not right.” Luis said. Sheridan sensed his nervousness.
    “What’s wrong?” She asked placing her hand up to his cheek. He leaned into her touch, closing his eyes. When he reopened his eyes, he knew actually how he wanted to propose to the love of his life.
    Luis gently took her hands and walked her to the beautiful pond. He turned around and looked deep within her blue eyes, drowning in them. He dropped on to one knee. Sheridan gasped at the realization of what was happening. He was proposing, the love of her life was proposing to her.
    “Sheridan, I love you so much and being away from you just one night made me see how special you are and the love we have. I don’t want to lose you, ever. I want us to grow old together and make lots of babies. I want to spend the rest of my life with you as your husband.” He took out the blue velvet box and opened it exposing the ring. “Will you marry me?”
    Sheridan had tears flowing down her eyes. She had never heard anything so romantic in her life. “Yes.” She squeaked as Luis began slipping on the ring. She held her hand up and looked at the ring that now adorned her finger. She looked lovingly at her fiancée. Her fiancée. She had to keep repeating that making sure it was real. She walked towards him and they kissed, exposing their need, love, and how much they missed each other.
    After they pulled away for some air, Sheridan said, “Why don’t we go back to my cousin’s house and tell Kim and Antonio the good news.” Luis nodded and the two began walking back to the car, fingers entwined.
    Sheridan opened the door to Kim’s house and walked inside holding on to Luis’ hand. They heard people talking in the living room, so they walked that way. Inside the living room was Antonio playing with little Alex. Kim was on the floor with them staring at both so lovingly.
    “Is that kid Antonio’s?” Luis whispered in Sheridan’s ear. Sheridan looked over at Luis and nodded.
    Kimberly finally noticed Luis and Sheridan standing there, holding hands. She noticed the ring that now adorned her cousin’s finger. Kimberly stood up and Antonio looked over at his brother smiling. Finally, everything was going well for the Lopez-Fitzgeralds and the Cranes.
    Antonio had called his family, who was still in town, to come over to an address that neither Pilar nor Martin had heard of. When they arrived with Theresa, Miguel, and Paloma, they were surprised to know that Antonio was a father, but they welcomed little Alex with open arms. They were even more thrilled to learn that they would soon be having Sheridan as a member of the family.
    Love and happiness had finally found their way with Luis and Sheridan, and Antonio and Kimberly.

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    Post Re: Pretty Woman

    Sheridan stood out on the balcony of her two-bedroom Manhattan apartment with Luis. Who ever thought that New York would bring her such joy? Her life had changed so much in the last few months. She became engaged to the most loving man and moved in with him on New York.
    Two strong arms wrapped around her waist. She didn’t have to turn around to see who it was. She felt his presence even before she turned around. Leaning into his warm embrace, Sheridan whispered the words they constantly spoke to each other.
    “I love you.”
    “I love you too, babe. In fact, I was thinking about showing you how much I love you.”
    Sheridan’s eyes glistened up and her bright blue eyes reflected the love she had for him, and only him. Life couldn’t be more perfect. As Sheridan was leaning in for his kiss, Luis pulled away and had a smirk on his face.
    “I didn’t say right this second. Jeez Sher, is that ALL you think about?” he said with his playful tone. Sheridan turned around fully and gave him the shocked look. “Me? I think you are the one that wakes me up every night just to make love with me.” Luis grinned. “Yeah, but you LOVE it.”
    Sheridan smacked him one across the chest and then leaned back into his embrace. She could get use to this. Being with the man, she loved, being with each other.
    Neither could wait for their wedding to come. The first second they had free after spending the day with Kim and Antonio, they began the wedding plans. Luis couldn’t believe his brother had a son, but the second he played with his “new” nephew, the more he loved him. Antonio was lucky to be going down that path.
    Luis leaned down and breathed in the scent of Sheridan’s hair. It was the sweetest smell he had ever smelt. “So how may children should we have?” Luis asked, turning Sheridan around to look at her.
    “I don’t know. I always liked four.” She grinned. “Why do you ask?” Sure, they had discussed marriage plans, but nothing about children.
    “I was thinking about how much practice we are going to need.” He said as he whipped Sheridan up over his shoulder, carrying her in the bedroom. Her giggles heard throughout their apartment.
    Their lives were now perfect and nothing could ever change the love they felt for each other.
    The End!!!!


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