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    Post Pretty Woman

    Here is an oldie of mine from 2000.

    Luis just arrived in Los Angeles after an eight-hour flight from New York. He is looking for his hotel, The Beverly Wilshire, and is lost in Los Angeles driving in his rental car.
    Chapter One
    “Where is it? Maybe I should ask that beautiful blond that is standing by the street over there. Maybe she would help me?” Luis stopped his car right by the sidewalk. “Excuse me. Can you tell me where I can find Beverly Hills?”
    After hearing a voice behind her, Sheridan turns around and gazes at the most gorgeous brown eyes she has ever seen. “Did you say something?” Sheridan asked, unable to stop staring at him.
    Luis chuckled and said, “Yeah, I am looking for Beverly Hills. Can you give me directions on how to get there?” Luis couldn’t help but think she was beautiful. He just kept staring into her blue eyes.
    He was lost in her eyes when he heard her say, “Sure but it is going to cost ya.”
    “You can’t be serious. Fine I will find it myself. Thanks anyway.”
    Luis was just about to drive off when Sheridan said, “Don’t worry about it. I will show you where to go.”
    Luis got a questioned look on his face. “Show? What do you mean?”
    “Well, it is easier to get there if you have someone with you who knows where they are going. Right?”
    “I guess. Hop on in.” Luis unlocked the door and Sheridan hopped in.

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    Re: Pretty Woman

    Chapter Two
    “So, why are you in LA?” Sheridan asked.
    “Well, I have to help my father out with a business merger.”
    “How long are you going to be here?” “Good one Sheridan. Now he probably thinks you are hitting on him.” Sheridan thought.
    “Luis chuckled to himself when he saw the look in her eyes after she just asked him how long he will be there. He felt a connection to her, but couldn’t figure out why. “I will be here for the week, but maybe longer. It all depends on how fast this merger is going to take place.”
    “Oh, I see. Turn right at the corner." Luis suddenly stopped the car. “Why are you stopping?” “I think I could get there faster if you drove. Don’t you think?”
    “I have to warn you I am not the best driver.”
    “I am sure you will be fine.”
    “OK, ready?”
    “Yep” and they were off.
    Within ten minutes, they were in Los Angeles and Luis was holding on for dear life. “Where are you staying?”
    “The Beverly Wilshire,” Luis screamed.
    “Sorry about that. I didn’t see the car parked.”
    “Are we there yet?”
    The tires squealed as the car went around the corner. “Now we are.”
    “Thank God. You weren’t kidding when you said you couldn’t drive.”
    “That is not nice. I drove you here and I don’t get any thanks. You are a creep.”
    “Come on. I am sorry. Forgive me?”
    One look into his eyes and Sheridan melted. “Of Course I forgive you. When you give me a look like that, how can I resist.” They both laughed.
    “Well I am going to go back to LA now.”
    “How are you going to get there?”
    “No you are not. You could get hurt or worse. I will feel responsible if something happened to you tonight. How about I call a taxi and it can take you home.” Sheridan was in tears at Luis’s last statement. “What is the matter?”
    “I don’t have a home.”

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    Re: Pretty Woman

    Chapter Three
    “What do you mean that you do not have a home?”
    “What do you think? I am HOMELESS!” Sheridan screamed with tears streaming down her face. Luis saw the tears and gently brushed them off with his hands. They both jumped back once they felt electricity going through them both.
    “I am sorry. I did not mean to startle you.”
    “It is ok. I didn’t mean to cry and yell at you. It isn’t your fault that I lost my job and couldn’t pay rent.”
    “Why don’t you come with me and we can get you warmed up and something to eat. I take it you haven’t eaten yet.”
    “I haven’t eaten since two days ago. I am hungry and cold. Ok, I accept for now.” They both walked into the hotel and Sheridan was taken back by the beauty of the hotel.
    “It is ok. Stay by me and you will be fine.” Luis grabbed onto Sheridan’s hand and the electricity was felt again, except this time neither let go. Sheridan smiled at Luis. “You have a beautiful smile.”
    Sheridan blushed and said, “Thanks.” They walked to the elevator and hopped in. Luis pushed the button for the penthouse. The doors opened and Sheridan was astonished at what she saw. The hotel was definitely fancy and out of her price range. Heck, she couldn’t even afford a place to live or even food.
    “Would you like me to order you anything in particular from room service?"
    “Anything would be fine. I am so hungry now, I could eat anything.”
    “By the way, what’s your name?”
    “Sheridan. And yours?”
    “Luis. Nice to meet you Sheridan.”
    “You too Luis.” And they shook hands.
    “Here is a menu on what they have for room service. Choose what you want and I will order it.”
    “No problem.”
    Within five minutes, Sheridan had decided on a hamburger and fries with strawberry ice cream for dessert. Luis ordered the same thing, but with chocolate ice cream. As they were sitting down and enjoying their dinner, Luis started to make a conversation to get to know Sheridan a little more.
    “So how is the burger?”
    “Great! I never thought I would enjoy greasy food.” Luis laughed. ”Are you laughing at me Luis?”
    “Yes!” Sheridan threw one of her fries at him. The next thing they knew was that they were involved in a food fight. After awhile, they both clamed down and sat down on the couch to get to know each other better.
    “Where do you work Luis?”
    “I work for my father for Lopez-Fitz Enterprises. I basically do his dirty work.”
    “What do you mean dirty work?”
    “I get the companies to agree in a merger or sell the companies.”
    “What company are you trying to get now?”
    “Crane Enterprises”
    “Leave my family alone!”

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    Re: Pretty Woman

    Chapter Four
    “What do you mean your family?”
    “Nothing, I was just kidding.”
    “I don’t think so. I thought you were homeless?”
    “I am, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a family.”
    “So you are the Sheridan Crane that has been missing for years.”
    “I haven’t been missing, I just ran away. If you lived with my family then you would know why.”
    “I have met your family. They seem fine to me.”
    “You have to be kidding, right?”
    “Yes, I am. What is with them anyway?”
    “You don’t want to know.”
    “So if you have no money then why not go back home and get some?”
    “I couldn’t face them. They would make me marry some guy they were trying to set me up with.”
    “It couldn’t be that bad.”
    “You try getting married to someone you don’t know. How about we drop it?”
    “If you want.”
    “If you don’t mind me asking, why don’t you want the merger between our families to take place?”
    “My mom helped my father start the company years ago and when she died I wanted everything the way she left it. But my father had other ideas. It was now his company and he wanted it to become an empire. That is why he agreed with the owner of another company to have me be married to his son. How did you know about me being missing?”
    “This may sound funny, but I was the one you were supposed to marry.”

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    Re: Pretty Woman

    Chapter Five
    “I was supposed to marry you, Sheridan Crane. You did say that was your name.”
    “I was supposed to marry you. How could you consent to that? I thought you thought my family was weird.”
    “They are. I wasn’t going to marry you. I was ready to call the whole thing off.”
    “So I am not good enough for you, is that it?” Sheridan said while raising her voice.
    “I didn’t say that. I believe in marrying for love.”
    “Good, me too.” She said lowering her voice.
    “Why don’t we get ready for bed?”
    “Excuse me”
    “I am not about to have you sleep outside again, so you will sleep in the bed and I will sleep on the couch.”
    “I couldn’t do that. This is your room.”
    “Don’t argue with me, OK?”
    “Fine you win for now. And it is only because I am tired and a good night sleep sounds heavenly.”
    “Good Night.”
    “Good night.” And with that said, she disappeared into the bedroom and shut the door.
    During the middle of the night, Sheridan woke up and went to get a drink of water from the other room. She opened the door and found Luis sleeping on the couch with only his boxers on.
    “Why do I feel this way every time I look at him?” she said out loud.
    She quickly got a drink of water and went back into the room. Luis then opened his eyes and said, “ So, I am getting to her just like she gets to me.” The sexual tension was building up.
    Chapter Six
    The next day, Sheridan woke up and went to ask Luis if it was ok if she took a shower before she left. When she opened the door, Luis was waiting for her with breakfast.
    “What is this for?”
    “You do need to eat.”
    “I guess, but afterwards can I take a shower before I go?”
    “You are not going anywhere. I am not going to have you go back on the streets. I also have questions about why your father wanted you to marry into my family.”
    “My father thought he could make Crane Enterprises into an Empire, but he started to lose money and thought of a way to ensure his future and the future of the empire.”
    “So your family is losing money and your dad is lying to us about having enough money to make both families wealthy.”
    “Yep, your family is already wealthy, but mine has nothing. It is all a show. That is why I can’t go back to my family because I have nothing to go back to.”
    “I am just going to make a quick call. Start breakfast without me.”
    Luis went to the phone, picked it up, and started dialing. After a few rings, a woman answered.
    “Hello, Lopez- Fitzgerald residents”
    “Hello Heather, can I talk to my father?”
    “Just a second.”
    After a few seconds, “Hello.”
    “Papa, we have problems.”
    “What kind of problems? What is wrong with the merger?”
    “The Cranes don’t have any money.”
    “They are broke. Do you want me to go to Plan B?”
    “Go for it. Keep in touch.”
    “I will.” And with that, they hung up.

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    Re: Pretty Woman

    Chapter Seven
    “Did you get a hold of the person you wanted?”
    “Yeah, I did.”
    “I am going to go take a bath in the big tub, if you don’t mind.”
    “Not at all. Stay in the shallow end.”
    “Funny Luis.”
    “I thought so.”
    “Such a charmer, aren’t you?”
    “I try.”
    Sheridan then got up from the table, walked into the bedroom, and shut the door. Luis couldn’t take his eyes off of her when she was swaying her hips the way she was. He was hot. Luis walked out onto the balcony with the image of her naked in his head.
    “What is wrong with me? I hardly know her.” Luis just stood there letting the cool breath wash over him.
    The phone ringing brought Luis back to reality. Luis went back into the room and answered the phone. “Hello”
    “Luis, this is Beth. You have a meeting with the your lawyer at noon today.”
    “Thanks Beth. What would I do without my secretary/girlfriend calling me all the way from New York and reminding me?”
    “You would end up not leaving that room and doing what you are supposed to be doing.”
    “You are so right.”
    Sheridan came walking out of the bedroom wearing only a white robe. Luis turned around and looked directly into her eyes and got lost in them. Sheridan just gave him one of her smiles.
    “Oh, sorry Beth. Look, I need to go and get ready for that appointment. Talk to you later.”
    “Ok, Bye Luis. Love you.”
    Luis just hung up.
    “Was I interrupting something?”
    “No, it was just my secretary reminding me of an appointment I have today.”
    “Then I will just get dressed and be gone before you know it.”
    “NO! I mean I have a proposition for you.”
    “Like what?”
    “Stay with me for the week and I will pay you to be at my back and call.”
    “If I need you to appear with me, you will. Like at meetings and personal appearances.”
    “How much money are we talking about?”
    “3,000 dollars.”
    “You got it!”
    After some awkward silence, Sheridan finally decided to go and change. “I am going to go get changed.”
    “Excuse me?”
    “I mean you look comfortable in the robe, why change?” “Sutile Luis.” Luis thought.
    “I really don’t have any clothes to wear besides the same ones I wore yesterday, but I don’t want to go around in this robe all day long.” Then Sheridan thought, “even though I wouldn’t mind.”
    “Put those on and we are going shopping.”
    “Shopping?” she said with happiness filling her eyes.
    “Yep, now hurry it up.”
    “OK!” Sheridan left to go get changed.
    “Now I need to put Plan B into action.” Luis thought.

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    Re: Pretty Woman

    Chapter Eight
    Luis and Sheridan were walking down the street to find the famous clothing stores. Sheridan had stopped at a window and looked in and saw the most beautiful baby blue dress that she had ever seen.
    “Luis, I think I am going to look around in this store.”
    “But don’t you want to go to those famous ones down the street?”
    “PLEASE. I will only be a minute.”
    “Fine. I will wait for you out here. I have to make a phone call anyway.”
    “OK. And thank you.” Sheridan then flashed him a signature smile and walked into the shop. Luis couldn’t help but not smile his smile back at her.
    Luis started to dial numbers on his cell phone and then waited till someone picked up. “Hello.” A voice said on the other side of the phone.
    “Hey, Antonio. What would you say if I needed to make that appointment with you for later?”
    “Who is she?”
    “You never cancel with me unless you are entertaining someone. Is it Beth? Did she fly down?”
    “No, it isn’t Beth. And I wish not to say although she is now one of my employees for the week.”
    “Oh, really?”
    “Stop it Antonio!”
    “Ok, How about we have dinner tonight at the Red Rose and you can bring your EMPLOYEE.” Antonio made sure he emphasized employee.
    “How about 8ish.”
    “Eight it is. See you later bro. Bye.”
    “Bye” and then Luis hung up.
    Luis spotted a cart with roses on it and made his way down the street to buy one for Sheridan, “as a friend, of course” Luis thought.
    While Luis was on the phone and buying Sheridan some flowers, Sheridan was busy walking around the cute little store. A salesperson spotted her and approached her.
    “May I help you?” she said snotty.
    “I was wondering if you had that blue dress in the window in a size 5. And how much is it?”
    “I don’t think you could afford it.”
    “I have money to spend in here.”
    “I don’t think so, not the way you are dressed. PLEASE leave!”
    Sheridan stormed out of the shop with tears in her eyes.
    Luis was already back with one red rose, which was hidden behind his back. He saw Sheridan with tears in her eyes and approached her.” Sheridan, What happened? Are you ok?”
    “Can we please leave?”
    “Not until you tell me what happened?”
    “They didn’t have the dress in my size.” She obviously of course was lying and Luis was not buying the story, but he let it go, for now.
    “Here I have something for you to help cheer you up.” And he hands her the rose. She immediately smiled at him and he smiled at her.
    “Thank you.”
    “You’re welcome. Now lets so shopping.” He held out his hand for her and she took it.
    They walked down the street, fingers intertwined.
    Chapter Nine
    Luis and Sheridan entered a shop named Theresa’s Fashions. Luis went up to the manager that was on duty.
    “May I help you sir?”
    “Yes, see this lovely lady here. She would like to shop-till-she-drops.”
    “I see, but I don’t think we have anything here that she can afford.” The manager said rather rudely. Sheridan was in tears again. Luis went over to her and said,
    “Stop crying. It breaks my heart to see you cry. And as for you” he said turning around to face the manager again. “I will make sure you are fired for this.”
    “You couldn’t do anything to me.”
    “Oh, really. It just so happens my last name is Lopez-Fitzgerald. And I will make sure my sister fires you for this.”
    Sheridan approaches Luis and Said, “Luis don’t. I am sure he needs this job to support his family. He didn’t mean any harm.”
    “Sher, he had no right”, the anger getting to him.
    She put her hand on his chest and he immediately calmed down. Then she looked at him with tears in her eyes and said, “You called me Sher.”
    “I am sorry. I wo….”She cut him off.
    “No, I like it.”
    “Then Sher it is. Now, Mr.” He said turning to the manager. “You are going to need to get more help out here because she is going to shop.”
    “Yes sir” and with that the manager disappeared and came out with more help.
    Luis looked at Sheridan as she was smiling at the clothing that was being practically thrown at her. Luis couldn’t help but stare at the beauty that was radiating out of her. Sheridan turned her head and smiled at Luis. He quickly turned his head and he could feel his face blushing. He knew he had been caught. Sheridan then went back to shopping.
    After three hours went by, Sheridan was done shopping at the store and wanted to go to more stores.
    “Luis, I am ready to leave.”
    “Not yet, there is someone I want you to meet first.”
    “Hey Theresa, come out of your office and come here.” Luis shouted.
    “Will you please sh” Theresa stopped once she saw her brother standing there. “Luis, is that really you?”
    “Yes, its me.”
    “I have missed you,” she said running into his arms. Sheridan suddenly had a feeling of jealousy wash over her.
    “Theresa, I want you to meet me friend Sheridan. Sheridan this is my sister Theresa.”
    “Hi Sheridan” Theresa said extending her hand out. “Nice to meet you”
    “Nice to meet you too” Sheridan shook her hand. The jealousy was gone after Luis said that the dark haired girl was his sister.
    “So Luis” Theresa said looking at her brother, “What happened to Beth?”
    Sheridan turned to Luis and asked, “Who’s Beth?”

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    Re: Pretty Woman

    Chapter Ten
    “So Luis, Who is Beth?”
    “Beth is my secretary.” He said while giving Theresa the shut your mouth look. Sheridan saw the look exchanged between the two.
    “Luis, why would Theresa ask where Beth was if that is all she is to you?”
    Luis covered up by saying, “She always comes with me on business trips, but she couldn’t this time, no big deal.”
    “So is that why you hired me for the week?”
    Theresa saw the look exchanged between the two and knew Luis was a goner. He had already falling in love with this mystery woman and Sheridan was oblivious to the fact that he had a girlfriend.
    “If you guys don’t mind, I am going to go back to work. And Luis watch out!” Theresa said as she was going back into her office. She turned around to see Luis mouth you are dead while he opened the front door for Sheridan.
    As Luis and Sheridan were walking back to the hotel, they came across the same store that Sheridan wanted that blue dress from.
    “Luis, I am going to check something. I will be right back.”
    “But Sher, you were already in there.”
    “I know, I just want to see if they could order the dress in my size.”
    “Ok, don’t be too long.”
    Sheridan was of course not in the clothes she came in with, but a sophisticated black dress with red roses printed on it. The same salesperson saw her, and ran to make a sale.
    “May I help you?”
    “No, I just wanted to say you made a big mistake, big, huge. I have to go shopping now.” And Sheridan walked out of the store. The salesperson walked to the window and saw the woman she thought was poor walk up to a tall, dark, and gorgeous man who obviously was not poor. She felt like such an idiot when she realized she could have made a huge sale today.
    Outside the store, Luis asked, “Sher, would you like to get some lunch? I for one am starved.”
    “I would love too, but I know the perfect place. Can we go there?”
    “Sure!” and they walked to the park.
    “Sher, what are we doing at the park?”
    “I know this cute little vendor who sells the best hot dogs in LA.”
    “You want hot dogs.”
    “So why did Alistair Crane’s daughter start enjoying, as my father and I am sure your father says, “common people’s” lives?”
    “Why don’t you buy us some hotdogs and we can sit in the grass and I can tell you all about me and visa versa. Sound good?”
    “The grass?” Luis whined.
    “Yep, and if you are a good boy I will even let you get dessert” she said with mischief in her eyes. Luis couldn’t help but get hot as he saw the look in her eyes. “Now go get me some food. I am hungry.”
    “Fine you win, but only because I can’t wait for dessert.” He said with a seductive tone in his voice, which didn’t go unnoticed by Sheridan.
    Luis went to go buy the hotdogs and Sheridan just stood there trying to process what Luis just said and with the tone in his voice, Sheridan could only imagine what it would be like if her fantasies were given a chance to become reality. Luis came back with the hotdogs and thought he saw Sheridan blushing about whatever she was thinking.
    “Here is your hotdog.”
    “Thanks. Lets go over here in the nice warm sun and we can talk. “
    They found a perfect spot underneath a tree, but still had sunlight washing over them.
    “So, now will you tell me about your family Sher?”
    “Fine, my life in hundred words or less. I was born. My mother died. Father became evil and manipulative. I became eighteen and started traveling. I came back three years ago and was told I was to be married to you. I left for a life of my own. And learned to be “normal”. Any questions?”
    “What about you?”
    “My life is complicated.”
    “So what. Tell me about yourself.”
    “Ok, I was born, shown the ways of the Lopez-Fitzgerald, started following the ways of my father, became engaged to a Crane, but she of course broke it off. Thank God I didn’t even know her then.” He said with a playful tone. “And I am still working for my father. Any questions?”
    “Your life was just as bad as mine.”
    “I am used to it.”
    They were so in focus with each other, neither realized that they were getting closer together on the ground. Little by little, they were inching their way towards each other. Their eyes locked and they felt a connection, neither had felt before. They were both drowning in the looks of each other’s eyes. They were slowly inching their lips towards each other.


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