I've been doing this for a couple of years now, and it just occurred to me to post about it. It is sooo helpful and convenient!

We've had an Amazon Prime account for years and love it. Everything about it is great: two-day shipping, Amazon Video, free e-books, and Prime Music.

So a while back I started ordering stuff for my Mom who's in assisted living and too far away for daily visits. It was a forehead-slap moment; like, duh. Find the things she needs, added her address to my list, and done. It's so easy, it's still almost a surprise! Certainly makes it easy to be helpful from a distance.

Everything from coffee pods, to cat litter, to batteries, to personal needs. And all sorts of stuff in between. I've even ordered an Amazon Prime Pantry box filled with snacks that she likes.

So... take it as a tip. So easy, and sooo helpful!

It even makes it helpful for my sister, who does live nearby the assisted living place, so she doesn't have to run little extra errands for Mom. If it can wait two days, then I can order it. Easy as pie.