FYI for TV peeps: The New York Times has (or had?) a weekly column in print and online about what's on TV; broadcast, cable, and streaming. Not always in agreement with my tastes but still a useful source when looking for the answer to "what's good on TV?".

Now they've converted it and moved it to a new online feature. Complete with interactive search tools.

It starts with, "Let’s find you something to watch.
First, tell us what you're in the mood for:"

Then there are a bunch of buttons with selections like,
Binge-WorthyFamily-FriendlyComfortingStrong Female LeadUpbeat
and so on. There's a "For Kids" button too.

When you select one of those buttons, it goes to a list with short blurbs and a picture from the show.

Further filters cut down the lists by type of device you'l be using and such.

You can make a list for yourself to save for reference later.

NY Times. They often -- but not always -- know what they're talking about.