"Pitch" is a nighttime soap, on Fox TV, based around a young woman coming up to pitch in major league baseball.

When I first read about this drama coming to TV I had zero hope of it being worth watching. Happily, Annie put the pilot into a list to DVR and give a trial viewing. I was totally surprised at how well constructed the base story is and all the little ancillary threads too.

It's got everything that a nighttime soap should have, but other than the basic premise, nothing is really over the top. Compressed for dramatic tension, sure, but over the top it's not. It's done so well that, to me, it even makes the basic premise seem possible. In fact, it makes me wish that it really could happen.

It's not heavy drama. Plenty of nighttime clichés, but also plenty of nice little variations. Light, but pleasantly entertaining.

If you haven't seen it, I'm giving it my own humble thumb's up.