Just want to give you a heads up about free audio books. I love audio books! Love'm, I tell you!

I wasn't sure if this should go in "Books" or some place else in Coffeerooms. But there's a cool deal at [Amazon] Audible where you can pick out any TWO audio books for free, just for signing up.

Once you choose the books, they go into your Audible "library" in the Amazon cloud, so you can listen to them on any Audible capable device. And that list is huge: your smart phone, iPads, Android tablets, Roku boxes, Echo/Alexa, smart TV, or of course, your computer.

And, from time to time (like a couple times a month) they have other free books that come up too.

So then you can have the books ready to roll any time.

Echo is great for reading audio books. You can ask "Alexa" to start, pause, or resume playing your books any time. It's actually pretty awesome. (I do enjoy our Echo!)