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    Post The Good Wife

    Anyone wanna chat about The Good Wife? I'm so disappointed Will was killed off!

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    I'll mention once again that it helps to put SPOILER in the subject line.
    For the folks who watch but have not gotten up to the current episode yet.

    I think it was a huge mistake, but since Josh Charles wanted out of the show, I guess they thought killing Will off would be the high drama way to go, and this show never misses a chance for high drama.
    The Will/Alicia story line has not made sense to me since the end of season 4.
    They were together, the night of the inauguration, and ready to move forward, and all of a sudden Alicia says yes to Cary and leaves Lockhart/Gardener?
    I've never liked Alicia.
    It seems to me that any woman who would stay with a man who did what Peter did to her has some self-worth issues.
    I think Alicia loved Will but would not admit that to herself.
    I'm looking forward to her guilt and anguish over not getting that part of her life right.
    I also have to wonder if we are getting the real story about Josh Charles leaving the show.
    If he left for some great movie deal, or television role, I would understand.
    But in all the interviews he has given, he says he has nothing in the works.
    Who leaves a successful, high salary TV gig (voluntarily) with nothing in the works?


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