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Thread: When to teach toddler to clean up?

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    When to teach toddler to clean up?

    Hope everyone’s having a good day. Well, as for me, it is the typical mess in the house. After 10 months of cleaning up after my toddler (she started making mess at 7 months old), I decided to buy a toy organizer somewhat like the first or second one here. Before, I used to store them on a rolling 95L plastic container as you can easily move it around then throw toys inside. But then I realized that if she wants a toy and it is deep in the pile, it makes more mess. I understand and agree with in this article that explains the important of play. But when do you teach a child to clean up? After play, she often just wants her milk and sleep.

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    Re: When to teach toddler to clean up?

    Hi Hannah! Good question. It's been a long time since my son was little, but instead of keeping a huge numbers of toys available I used to rotate a few of them everyday. Putting something different out everyday or so, that way it's not just the child pulling everything out of the box and making a mess. Small children don't need a ton of stuff at once. Also, when it's time to clean up...make a game of it like "let's race with Mommy" to put up the toys....and then we'll go read a story or what ever. After the child gets older add activities like coloring time, learning time (like ABC's, numbers, etc.). Work with what is appropriate for what your child's age is and degree of capability.

    Keep in mind that young children get bored with "stuff" quickly sometimes. Playdates with other kids when they are old enough is a good outlet. Best wishes! :-)

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    Re: When to teach toddler to clean up?

    Thanks, Catstrack! Great advise.

    Yeah, their tantrum is longer than their attention span.


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