In New Mexico~Skye, Tea,Blair had a lean on where Lorenzo “Tomas” is. Skye was worrying that Lorenzo was alive and what would happen to her and her daughter they went into a hotel. “We our looking for this man”Blair said she show him a picture. “Yes he's here”The man said “We need to see him”Tea said “Follow me”The man said “I can’t believe that Lorenzo is alive”Skye said “It could be Tomas”Blair said They went to a room and open the door. A man with Dark hair was in the room pour a glass of brandy when they came in. “Lorenzo”Skye ask he turn around it was Lorenzo or it could be Tomas. “Tomas”Blair ask “Tomas”Tea said “No it’s not Tomas”He said “I know it! You been alive all this time” Skye yelled and slap him.”Are you upset you failed to kill me! Lorenzo yelled “I don’t know what you're talking about”Skye said “I know it was Jason that shot me and you let him into our house! Right after we made love”Lorenzo yelled “You took my daughter from me! I had to keep my daughter safe and you will never see her again”Skye yelled “You will not keep Lila Rae from me anymore”Lorenzo yelled “Wait! if you're Lorenzo who is “Tomas”Blair ask “I was Tomas too after Jason shoot me I had my man move me out of Port Charles and I moved here to recovery and I got a new ID I called myself Tomas I do look like him”Lorenzo said “Where is the real Tomas! My brother”Tea yelled “I beat Lorenzo killed him ’Skye said “Did you kill my brother! Tea yelled she grab his jacket. “Yes I did! Lorenzo said Tea slap him.
“So you never loved me that was a lie to! Blair ask “No it wasn’t I loved you Blair”Lorenzo said “You lied to me about who you are”Blair yelled “I had too till it was safe and I could get my daughter away from Skye”Lorenzo said “That will never happen you will never see Lila Rae I will make sure of it”Skye said Tea went to make a phone call. Copyright by Skye's the limit